Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Girl Meets World (6/5) – Based on the title of the episode, I thought Auggie would be telling stuff, but I loved the real tell-tale-tot.  Once again a delightfully funny yet touching episode that was so much fun to watch.  Really, this show needs to come to DVD.

America Ninja Warrior – Yes, I was rooting for Kacy, so it was hard to see her go out.  But, as she said, it wasn’t something stupid, and she gave it her all.  And there were some great runs tonight.  Plus, it looks like we found an obstacle tougher than something they gave us in Venice, so I have to take back my comment from last week.

Royal Pains – Why am I so surprised that Evan and Paige are going to have trouble having a baby?  It would have been nice to skip that.  I knew where Divya’s story was going to go, although I was happy with how quickly she got out of prison.  And it was Jeremiah who got her out, too!

Melissa & Joey – Not a huge fan of the tattoo plot, but I loved the sub-plot.  That “actress” did such a great character change.  Plus I’m still rooting for Zander.  I love his character.

Baby Daddy – It was going along okay until that final scene.  It was a bit over the top for me, and I do like farce.  Maybe you had to see it in person to fully get it.

Girl Meets World (6/12) – I was so glad to see the janitor again since this time I knew who he was (hadn’t watched the earlier seasons of Boy Meets World when he was on before).  Overall, not one of their stronger episodes.  It had some fun moments, but fairly predictable overall.

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