Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27th Weekly TV Thoughts

Three shows premiered on the USA Network this week, upping my TV.  Two of them I think I'll stick with this summer, but the popular one that everyone is raving about?  I'm out.

America Ninja Warrior – I love it when walk-ons complete the course.  And I was glad to see the veterans at the end complete it this year as well.  I was calling them out for going too fast last year.  So glad they listened to me and took it seriously this year.

Royal Pains – Can Divya be any more stupid this year?  She’s taken over from Evan as the dumb one in the cast.  And I’m wondering about this adoption.  I love that they are having Evan and Paige go this route, but it just seems a little sudden to me.  Maybe that’s because they only have 8 episodes this season.

Melissa & Joey – Kind of saw the ending of both plots coming from the beginning, but I had such fun getting there.  I just hope this means that Zander and Lennox are getting back together now.

Baby Daddy – Definitely a fun episode, although I really want to know what happened to the lemonade stand.  My guess is Bonnie burned it down to get the firemen to come.  I’m curious if they are going to stick with the brothers owning the bar from here on out, or if this is just a temporary arc.

Suits – I wonder how long Donna really is going to work for Louis.  And how he will react when she goes back to Harvey because you know that’s going to happen sooner or later.  Rachel sure was nicer to Harvey then I would have been.  I never would have skipped a test like that.

Mr. Robot – I get that pilots have to set up the story, but they have to move at some point.  Man, that was slow and boring.  Another one and done for me.

Graceland – On the other hand, I might be sticking with this one this season.  I was ready to move on, but if we are going to work through some of the stuff they’ve done and put it behind them, then I might enjoy it again.  Like the fact that Briggs is paying for the murder by working his horrible case.  And, since he’s asking for help, it might actually be what I signed on for originally which is a team of people working together.  We shall see.  I’ll definitely tune in again next week.

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