Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ornament Review: Yankee Doodle Mickey - A Year of Disney Magic #12 - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Top hat evokes July decorations
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
America and
Mickey are such a great pair
As proved again here

Stand and Salute as Mickey Closes out Our Magical Year

All good things, even magical things, must come to an end.  We’ve reached that point for Hallmark’s Year of Disney Magic series with the release of Yankee Doodle Mickey.  Fortunately, he’s a great way to end the series.

As you’d expect from the title and an ornament themed toward July, Mickey is decked out in red, white, and blue.  Okay, so really it’s just his top hat, which has red and white stripes over a band of blue with white stars.  He’s wearing his trademark red shorts and white gloves, which add to the patriotic color scheme.  His usual yellow shoes do seem a bit out of place here, but he is standing on a blue circle, so that ties back in to America’s national colors.

I hadn’t paid much attention to the ornament before I bought it, and I was thinking it was more than his hat that made Mickey patriotic.  That’s how great his normal colors are for the theme of the piece.  Even though his hat is the only accessory they had to add to this ornament, I still love it.  The colors are perfect, and it’s easy to immediately associate it with the 4th of July, when most Americans are flying and wearing red, white, and blue.

This is one of those tricky ornaments where Mickey looks great in two poses.  The blue base he is standing on is flat, and when you set him out on it, he appears to be standing up.  But the arch to his back makes him look like he’s standing up when he’s hanging from the hook in his hat even though that blue base isn’t quite straight.

And yes, you’ll find a 12 in a Christmas tree on the base of the ornament since this is the twelfth and final in the series.

Considering how much Walt Disney loved America, it wouldn’t be right to close off this yearlong series without a salute to our country.  Fortunately, Yankee Doodle Mickey does that perfectly.

What could be more magical than the entire Year of Disney Magic?

Original Price: $12.95


  1. Perfectly iconic! How were you able to buy this already? Don't the ornaments come out in July? My dad is a big Gold Crown guy and gets us the Crayola ornament every year as well any others he thinks we would like, which is usually about 3 more. I have enough Hallmarks for 2 trees and he won't stop! Do you do a whole Hallmark tree, or do you mix it up?

    1. This is a series Hallmark has been releasing over the course of a year, so this ornament was released on June 1st. The next release of Hallmark ornaments will come on July 11th, although I should get my Keepsake Ornament Club membership ornaments before then.

      I mix it up, putting some Hallmark and some other ornaments on both of my trees. I only have two, but I could really use many more trees. I just have no where in my condo to put them.


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