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November 6th's Sunday/Monday Post

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Even though I was working from home, Monday, I resurrected my Mr. Incredible costume.  I figured I'd have some fun when the trick or treaters came to my door that night.  I don't get a lot of them because I live in a condo complex, and you have to climb lots of stairs to get to any doors.  But I usually get a dozen or so.  This year, I got none.  That was pretty disappointing.  Not only was I dressed up for nothing (already, really, I'm wearing sweats and a T-Shirt, so it's pretty comfortable), but when I'd bought candy, I debated how much to buy.  I went ahead and bought more than I should have.  So, now I will wind up eating it all.  I've actually had too much chocolate this week (yes, that is possible).  I need to slow down on it, but I can't seem to stop.

Since we hit the first of the month, it was once again close at work.  We seemed to get through it.  At least, I haven't heard anything horrible that we missed, which is a good thing.  With Thanksgiving, November always goes too fast, and our fiscal year end is November 30th.  I'm starting to panic a bit about everything I have to do between now and then.

I had a pretty lazy Saturday.  I didn't get to half of the things I wanted to do.  I guess that's what Sunday is for.  (But after I run the PowerPoint at church in the morning.)  I did go out paddling, but I went in the early afternoon.  The wind forecasts for today were all over the map.  I even though about not going at one point.  But I'm glad I did.  There was a little wind, but nothing too bad, and the sun was warm.  Definitely warmer than it was earlier this week.  We had one day that barely got to the mid 50's.  For Southern California, that's cold!

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Book Haul:

Lots of titles this week, although I only paid for one them.  And it was only 99 cents!  And they are all ebooks, so my condo can breath a sigh of relief (although the Kindle app on my phone can't.)

I was able to get a free copy of Aerobics Can be Deadly by Ryan Rivers.  Considering how much I enjoyed the short story I read a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure it's no surprise I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

I've had my eye on Double Twist by Stephanie Rowe for a while now, and the Kindle version went on sale.  Naturally, I snagged it.

Then came three novellas that authors were offering for free.  I read two of the authors and have a couple of books by the third, so I figured I'd snag them.  Free is a good price, right?  These were part of a multi-author promo, but I just took these three stories.  And the stories?  The Square Circle by John Gaspard, Only the Good Die Young by Julie Mulhern, and House Blend by Heather Day Gilbert.  (These novellas are only available as part of the promo (at least for now), so I can't link up to them.)

What I'm Currently Reading:

I'm in that rare between books time.  Right before I started working on this post, I finished Cry Wolf, the seventh Zoe Chambers Mystery by Annette Dashofy.  The book was excellent.  I'm always amazed at how things are woven together when I finish one of her books.

Up next will be The Counterfeit Wife, the second Revolutionary War Mystery by Mally Becker.  I loved the first one in this series when I read it back in January, so I'm really looking forward to diving back into this world.

That's it for me  this week.  Don't forget to set you clocks back an hour (if you haven't already) and have a great week.


  1. That does sound cold for So Cal! And bumme rthat you didn't get any trick or treaters. We haven't gotten as many the last few years either but then this year we got quite a few! I was surprised. Anyway... hope you have a good weekend. :)

  2. I love your Mr. Incredible costume. I went to high school with the creator of that movie, Brad Bird, so I always feel an affinity to anything related to it. We got quite a few fewer trick-or-treaters compared to the last years, COVID years don't count. I think it was because it was Monday and raining.

    My Sunday Salon post

  3. You had a busy blogging week, a busy work week, and found quite a stack of books! Sounds like a successful week. :) You often talk about your work and deadlines - what is it that you do? We didn't have any trick or treaters either - I wonder if it's a dying passtime?
    Hope you find time to read a good book this week.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

    1. I'm an accountant for a company, so we have a very specific and tight monthly schedule with lots of deadlines.

  4. I don't think we got a lot of trick or treaters this year either. It was rainy too.

  5. I've heard a lot of people say they didn't have many trick-r-treaters this year, even in neighborhoods that typically have a lot. It seems like maybe after covid the tradition has slowed down.

  6. Good for you to get into the Halloween spirit Mark . I’m sorry you didn’t get any trick or treaters. Great haul too. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. I love the costume Mark! Too bad you didn't get any trick or treaters, kids would love that. Have a great week, Mark.

  8. We love Mo Willems books (even though we are too old for them now, LOL) but I haven't heard of The Pigeon Will Ride the Rollercoaster! I don't do well when there is a lot of tempting sugar in the house either, it's better if I just don't bring it in. I hope things go smoothly at work this month. Have a good week!

  9. Sorry you didn't get any trick-or-treaters. When I was in NY, the last few years we didn't get any and I was in a single family house. It just seemed like nobody was coming around anymore, but I always had lots of candy to eat :) I've been eyeing Double Twist. That looks good. I really want to get back to the Julie Mulhern series. It's such a good one. Hope you have a great week!

  10. We are not allowed to have trick-or-treaters in my condo, so I just watched a movie. Over the past few weeks I've been watching some of The Good Witch movies on Hallmark. I see a theme with cocoa in your novella reviews. :-) Here in Maryland it's unseasonably warm - near 80 degrees and humid. Doesn't seem right especially since the sun will be setting just before 5pm!

  11. I love the costume! Sorry that you didn't get any trick-or-treaters. I live on a dead-end street, so the kids usually run past us. I always end up with too much candy to eat.

  12. I always hand out microwave popcorn so that if I have half as many children as usual (as I did this year), I just have extra popcorn! My daughter is an accountant, and closing sounds very stressful!

  13. Free is always a good price. A great outfit. We didn't have any trick or treaters because we didn't leave a pumpkin outside of our door. The day after Halloween as I was walking my son to school we saw that a bunch of kids had taken pumpkins that presumably were outside front doors and had smashed them in the road. It was sad to see. Anyway we keep ourselves to ourselves - its safest!

    Have a great week ahead!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  14. I love the Mr. Incredible costume. Sorry to read there weren't any trick or treaters though. We don't get any over here either. ;)
    Have a great and happy reading.

  15. So sorry you didn't get any trick or treaters! Toss that chocolate in the freezer. That way you can enjoy a delicious frozen treat now and then but it will be in the freezer where, if you're like me, you rarely venture.

  16. That’s such a shame that you got all dressed up and you didn’t have any trick or treaters. At least it was a comfortable costume. We don’t get any here either because around here organized church and town events are the big draw. Hope you have a wonderful week and remember not to eat too much candy!

  17. How sad to get all dressed up for Halloween and have no one come to your door. The costume is great! Good luck with all the end of the fiscal year work, I am sure it's stressful.

  18. Lucky that you got so much books! I got zero this week...enjoy your reads though!

  19. Wow, that's a lot of books. I didn't get any this week. Hope you'll enjoy your reads!

  20. We didn't get any trick or treaters either, but then again I wasn't expecting any. It's too bad especially since you were in costume and bought candy. But having all that chocolate to yourself? Not so bad. :) The end of the year is always stressful work-wise for me as well. So much to do and the deadline is looming.

  21. Disappointing about the lack of trick or treaters especially since you were in costume. Over the years we've found no consistency in numbers. Kind of strange but now I put the candy in a bowl on the front step and when its empty I turn the light off.
    I hope you enjoy your new books and have a good week!
    Mary @Bookfan

  22. I'm sorry Halloween was a little disappointing. But you are not the only one. A lot of people told me the same story, and they said it was probably due to Halloween being on a school night.

    Look at all those books! And, even better, look at how little you paid for them...

  23. I haven't had Trick or Treaters for many years, mostly because of the places where I have lived. So I stopped buying Halloween candy long ago, too. Which is a good thing, lol.

    Enjoy your week!

  24. Great costume! Too bad you didn't have trick-or-treaters to see it. I have somewhere around 20 this year. This was a big week for getting books for me too. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  25. Hmmm, I think I have your weather. It's been in the 70's here and should be in the 50's.

  26. I'm sorry your Halloween was a bust. I really get having all that uneaten candy around. This year, I got candy, my partner got candy, and our housemate got candy. We gave out three treats to every child who came and still had leftovers. I suppose it's a blessing that the ones I like the best were all taken.
    Happy reading next week.

  27. It's sad that you prepared so nicely but didn't have trick or treaters. I've been eating the chocolate candy I bought for the office basket.
    You new books look goof. I hope you enjoy them all. Happy Reading! MarthaE

  28. Mid-50s sounds cold to me! That's too bad about the trick or treaters. We have a terrible neighborhood for trick or treating (houses far apart and hilly) but I had that crowds were down everywhere here. I know so many people who spent the last week living off Halloween candy! You are not alone! I hope you've had a great week.


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