Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ornament Review: North Pole Tree Trimmers #1 - Light Tester - 2013 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute ornament to start of a new series
Cons: Could possibly be too green?  Maybe?
The Bottom Line:
Problems with your lights?
Santa's tree trimming elves are
Ready to help you

Making Sure Your Tree Lights on All Sides

At one point, I swore I was not going to start any new Hallmark series ornaments.  As soon as I saw the first in the North Pole Tree Trimmers, I knew that wasn't going to happen for 2013.

This new series features the elves who make up Santa's elite tree-trimming division.  You didn't know he had one?  That's how good they are.  This ornament features a young looking elf holding a red light bulb.  He's hooking it up to a batter with red and green wires to make sure it works right.  And he's got a green bulb in a pack slung over his back.

With my luck with Christmas tree lights, how much do I have to pay for them to come visit me?

My only issue with this ornament is how green it is.  The elf is wearing almost all green from his cap (with a gold bell on top) to his overalls and shoes.  He does have a red shirt and red socks on, but it is mostly green.  Even the battery pack is a dark forest green.  I'm of two minds on this.  First, it will make the ornament blend into the tree, making it harder to see.  Then again, that might add to the fun since it will make it appear more like the elf is sneaking around the tree testing the lights thereby creating a bit of mystery and magic.

Overall, I really do love this ornament.  The elf is cute and the overall effect is very lovely.

Using the battery and the feet as a base, this ornament will stand up if you want to display it that way.  He's not completely steady, but he is steady enough that a good jostle would be needed to knock him over.

But in my mind, this is a series to hang on your tree.  The hook is actually on the side of his hat.  The ornament hangs straight from side to side, but it does tip slightly forward.  It's very slight so not really that noticeable.

Looking for the series markings?  They are on the bottom of the battery exactly where I expected them to be.

I have a feeling I will constantly go back and forth about whether I like the elf being so green or not, even after I've hung him on my tree.  But I already know I love the North Pole Tree Trimmers series.  Can't wait to see what the next in the series looks like.

Be sure to check out the rest of the North Pole Tree Trimmers series.

Original Price: $14.95

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