Saturday, April 26, 2014

4/26's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - I'm sorry to see the Globe Trotters go since they are always so much fun.  But they just had too much to battle back through to keep going.  As much as I'm not on team Brachel (or whatever they were calling them), I don't see how Brennan and Rachel did anything wrong.  They played the game.  The U-Turn is part of it.  And you don't have to tell another team, your competition, where things are.  Seriously, stop getting upset over that!

Dancing with the Stars - No real surprise that Drew went home.  As much as I love him, he probably did deserve to go at this point.  Sadly, I fear Candace is next, but there are fewer weaker dancers left.  But seriously, can we get Cheryl an amazing partner next season?  I want to see her win again!

Melissa & Joey - Again, the A plot with Melissa and Joey was a little lame.  However, the dynamic with the three teens is pretty good.  Zander and Lenox need to get back together!

Survivor - Tony found a truly magic idol?  No!!!!  The guy is not to be trusted, and I seriously want him gone now.  I mean, he was lying to everyone at tribal after saying he was going to cut that out.  However, I do agree that he deserves to win right now with all the moves and strategy he's doing.  I just don't have to like it.  Oh, and Tony?  If people want to do something else when you want to talk strategy, don't go off and pout.  Sometimes, people need time off to process.

Arrow - I did not see those last few minutes coming.  I was watching in open mouthed horror as it happened.  This will definitely drive the last few episodes of the season.  I'm so sorry we lost that character, but I definitely think it is going to make the show so much stronger going forward.  But wow, amazing scene.

The Big Bang Theory - I was hoping for something funnier than that.  It was an amusing episode, but it just didn't seem to be as funny as anything can happen implies.

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