Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Amazing Race - I felt sorry for the team that got eliminated.  Not that I expected them to stick around much longer, but again with the cab costing them the race.  Plus they thought there was still a team behind them.  Surprised to see the Afganimals helping the last two teams, however.  With a Double U Turn coming on Sunday, I wonder who will be turned beside the Cowboys (you just know they will be one of the teams).

Dancing with the Stars - I LOVED this Disney song episode.  They need to start doing it every season.  The judges seemed to like it, too, since they gave out some higher scores than normal.  The energy and fun were just infectious, I guess.

Survivor - The wrong person got blindsided.  Not only did LJ do nothing wrong, but Tony deserves to go.  Can't stand the guy.

Arrow - I'm a little surprised that Laurel kept the info to herself.  Yes, she almost told her father what she knows about the Arrow, but was surprised she didn't tell anyone about it.  I think Thea is reacting a bit too harshly, but what do I know?  I've never been in her shoes (fortunately).  And the stage is set for an even bigger battle.  I have no clue how they will get out of this.

Melissa & Joey - Loved the sub-plot with Ryder and his need to make money, and I loved how they tied the two together.  Mel's dad is still a jerk, however.

The Crazy Ones - Two good episodes to tie things together.  Loved the Frankenstein references in the first one.  And I'm surprised with how they ended things with Syd and Andrew.  Well sort of.  He does have a girlfriend right now.  If this were a series finale, I'm sure it would be different, but they are expecting to come back next year.  We'll see if I do or not.

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