Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TV Recap: Agents of SHIELD 1-18 - Providence

I didn't get to watch last night's episode until today.  Somehow, I'm still having a hard time getting excited about writing the recap.  (Heck, I just swept my balcony if that gives you any idea how much I'm trying to avoid writing this.)

I guess it's because the episode was kind of "meh" overall.  After last week's big exciting episode with so many twists and turns, this one was rather pedestrian.  I was expecting something more as a follow up since they'd obviously been building to that episode over several weeks.

I get why the episode was needed.  We've now moved the characters to a spot where they think they'll be safe.  We've seen Ward as a true bad guy.  We've also set up what he's going to do next and why.  But it was so much set up with no real pay off.

Let's see what did happen.

Garrett and Ward teamed up to start setting up their new headquarters.  They freed Raina, who was disappointed to learn that Garrett really isn't a know it all, just a well placed mole.  She's more forgiving when she's given serum to continue with Caterpillar - serum that Garrett got before "Tahiti" blew up.  We also learn how Ward was manipulating our team the entire time.  Then they go after the Freezer to steal all the weapons they can.  Ward even shows Garrett the hidden lower levels (which he learned about from Coulson), including even more secrets, like Gravitonium.

Meanwhile, when a US general contacts SHIELD's old headquarters planning a visit to assess the situation (Coulson's view?  Take them all into custody), he and the rest of our team take off in an effort to stay active to take down Hydra.  Tripplet joins our team over Coulson's objections because Simmons vouches for him - something that no one is especially comfortable with, especially Fitz.

They fly around for a while, with Coulson searching for any good news.  Skye checks in with Ward and then rounds up people's SHIELD credentials and scrubs identities.  When all the badges are being put in a safe, Coulson's starts to glow with a number he'd never seen before.  It's coordinates, and he's certain they came from Fury even though he's dead.  They head there over everyone's objection.  May objects most of all since Hydra was very involved in reviving Coulson (not that anyone knew it at the time).

They land the plane and hike to the coordinates where they learn it is a secret base set up after the events in The Avengers.  Coulson is pulled to the side and told that Fury is still alive but ordered to keep it from the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Ward have learned that Skye encrypted the drive they stole so only she can get into it.  That means that they can't study Coulson and Skye's blood samples to continue on with Caterpillar.  Just then, a worried Skye calls Ward to check in.  They've heard about the take over of the Refrigerator, but obviously not who all was involved since they are worried about Ward's safety.  Ward then gets the coordinates to come in to join the rest of his former team.  The last scene is of Skye greeting him as he shows up at their safe house.  His orders are to get the code to open the flash drive from Skye in 24 hours or bring her in and kill everyone else.


As I said, they were pretty much just moving chest pieces around this week.  I do expect that next week will be better, however.

Did I miss anything?  Was there something bigger going on?  Or was your impression pretty much like mine?

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