Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TV Recap: Agents of Shield 1-17 - Turn, Turn, Turn

I almost saw Captain America Winter Soldier just so I would know if it tied in to this week's episode.  After all, that #itsallconnected hash tag made me think it would.  And it does.  But rather than being upset that it has spoiled this movie for me, it makes me even more anxious to watch it.

And can I just add that the title of this episode, "Turn, Turn, Turn" was very prophetic as well?

Shall we get to it?  After all, poor May has been held on the plane for a week now at gun point.

Despite her pleas to Coulson, he won't believe that she is not a traitor.  Meanwhile, the plane is flying somewhere on its own.  They are interrupted when Agent Garrett who is being tracked by drones from The Hub.  They rewire firing controls and manage to take out the drones and get Garrett on board.  He tells them that, based on the trajectory, they had headed for The Hub.  Meanwhile, Skye has been decoding a message from…


Now, not being a die hard comics person or really following the movies as closely as I obviously should, I don't know what I don't know about Hydra.  But I know enough to know they are bad guys that were supposedly defeated 70 years ago.  And, of course, we still think that Agent Hand is one of them.  After all, she is planning to kill everyone on the plane when it arrives back at the Hub.

Speaking of which, Simmons is happily working away on the blood samples when Agent Triplett comes in.  He helps her, and together they find a lab where they can call back to the science center for help.  Only that's how they get the news about Hydra.  There is momentary uncertainty between Simmons and Triplett, but before they can completely start trusting each other again, they are captured for Hand's people.  She offers them a choice, swear allegiance to Hydra or die.  When they refuse, Hand tells them that she isn't Hydra (Turn 1).  But Coulson is.  Just think about all his lies and secrets.

Meanwhile, on the plane, Fitz has repaired May's line, and she is supposed to call in to Director Fury to confirm what she has been saying.  Only they get the message that he is dead.  May reveals that she actually set up the team, giving Fury the parameters who Coulson would pick these particular people.  And she did it because she cares about him as a friend and wants to make sure he is okay.

Meanwhile, of course, they need to get off the plane.  With help from one of Fitz's devices, they do just as the soldiers are coming in.  At this point, the majority of the group goes to a control center to look for Simmons and Hand while Skye and Ward go to try to take out the computer that is controlling their plane.

Ward is going to have to go into battle to get control of their plane back, but before he can do that, he and Skye talk.  They agree to go out for a drink if they survive this, and Skye even kisses him, knowing full well about he and May.

Meanwhile, as Garrett is talking, he lets slip something that Coulson never told anyone.  Coulson picks up on it and knows the truth - his friend is the real Clairvoyant.  (Turn two)  Just then, soldiers come in and take our heroes hostage.  Garrett plans to kill Coulson and May but he is going to keep Fitz alive anyway and use his skills, willingly or unwillingly.

But before that happens, Skye blows up the mainframe, causing enough of a distraction for Coulson and May (with a little shooting help from a cowering Fitz) to regain the upper hand and capture Garrett.  At this point, Hand walks in.  She'd heard the entire thing, so she knows Coulson can be trust.  And they are probably the only two high level SHIELD agents loyal to their side still alive.

As the episode ends, Coulson and most of his team are working on repairing their plane while they figure out the next step - survive.  Meanwhile, Ward is going with Hand to lock Garrett up in the freezer.  As they are in route, Hand offers Ward a chance to shoot the real Clairvoyant this time, and Ward stands up, pulls his gun…

And shoots the two guards and then Hand.

Yes, Ward is the real mole in our team of six - a sleeper Hydra agents (Turn 3).

Now that I know a bit too much about Captain America, I really really need to go watch it.  Really.

And oh my goodness what a great episode.  The twists and turns were good, the emotion was there.  And Ward a bad guy?  They've got six episodes left, and I can't wait to see where they go with it.  I'm so glad I've been along for this ride.

What did you think?  Any ideas where they might go next?  Keep in mind, I don't know the comics, so I have no ideas coming from that.


  1. Have you watched Captain America yet? ;-)

    We watched Captain America first (on Wednesday) and then the last two episodes together last night. Obviously you can't change the past--but that was a great way to go. There were spoilers obviously, but still plenty of tension since you didn't know who was Hydra and such on the show.

    I really enjoyed the episode and I'm looking forward to what happens next. I love the way things have tied together--you'll recognize some things from this episode in the movie.

    I was sad that Garrett turned out to be an enemy agent--it seems rare that we get a character along for the ride for a while that doesn't turn out to be suspect, I really wanted him to be a good guy, even when he was suspicious.

    1. No, I still haven't watched Captain America. I've been hoping to catch it with friends, but that hasn't worked out. Soon. I hope.