Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Wipeout - Well, we finally got a non-themed episode of the show.  Jill's bits just weren't that funny, but it was still a decent enough episode.  I was rooting for Second Vest, but he lived up to his name, coming in second.

America Ninja Warrior - Kacy is still the only woman to finish the semi-finals.  Still, that was a great run.  I knew the Weatherman would dismount based again from the promos.  Still, it was an impressive moment.  And I was a bit surprised to see some of those who hadn't finished running later in the show.  I thought they ran and showed them in the order they qualified with the weakest at the beginning.

Royal Pains - It's so nice to see Jeremiah is love with someone other than Divya.  So much going on this season, but I am really wondering just where the plot line with the sister is going.  And yes, that last scene with Hank and Evan was so great.  Nice to see them having fun as brothers.

Covert Affairs - Joan and Arthur are going to have a rough patch before the season is over, but just which issue will cause it I can't quite decide yet.  I just hope they resolve things since they have come so far.  Nice to see them getting a good story this season.  Auggie is in trouble with the two women in his life; nobody knows it yet, however.  And Annie?  I hope she is going to step back like Auggie told her she needed to there at the end.

Mystery Girls - I'll admit I have fun with this one.  I guess I'm warming up to the series, although the references to Beverly Hills 90210 were fantastic.  Not to mention the great scene where they caught the bad person.

Suits - There for a few minutes, I thought things were looking up.  Now everyone is hitting rock bottom, and it looks like they'll keep digging next week.  I love this show because you can just never tell how they will resolve things.

Graceland - Speaking of which, I can't see them getting out of the mess here very easily either.  At least they have Paige back, although her scenes were so intense tonight.  I wonder how they will move forward on everything next week.

Girl Meets World - Okay, maybe it was the fact that when I watched it on Saturday morning I was pretty tired, but I had tears in my eyes for much of that episode.  Yes, I laughed at parts of it, but the emotions coming from the actors was so great.  Yes, I knew what Cory was going to do for the Father/Daughter dance (in fact, I saw several of the plot points coming), but it didn't make them any less good.  Seriously, I love this show!


  1. I did manage to find an episode of Mystery Girls on demand. Not exactly what I was expecting...and that laugh track was getting annoying. But it is interesting and has potential. I need to look for it again.

    1. It's been growing on me, but it's still not a show I care about a great deal. If it were pulled, I'd move on without another thought, but I'll probably keep watching it at least through its first season.