Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Wow!  Thanks to March Madness and some shows in reruns, this week was very light on TV.  And next week is looking almost as light.  It's kind of nice to have a bit less to watch every night, not that I'm looking to voluntarily give up any of my shows.

Once Upon a Time – So that’s why we will only see Hercules and Meg in one episode.  I was beginning to wonder if Meg was in it or not, but then I figured out who she was just before they told us (literally moments before).  Cruella popping up again is very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how the sub-plot goes.  And they are in serious trouble of Hades has his way with how many of them stay, but I’m sure they will figure out some way around it.  After all, he is the villain of the season.

Supergirl – The story was going along fairly predictable routes until the final quarter.  Hank outted and in a cell?  No one trusting Supergirl?  Natural consequences of the story, and I’m proud of them for going there, but I’m already anxious to see what happens with all that next week.

Agents of SHIELD – So that was an interesting twist in Talbot in the second half, and I’m curious to see where they go from here as far as the two agents out on their own.  The stuff with Ward’s shell is just bizarre, however.

Of Kings and Prophets – So I paid more attention this week, and I got caught up in it a bit more.  However, I’m still have a hard time telling some of the characters apart.  It tanked in the rankings, so I'm not surprised that it's been canceled.  Oh well, I wasn't super attached, so that's no big deal, really.

Survivor – I feel so sorry for the beauty tribe in this.  By having one of their members out by herself, they pretty much guaranteed that they’d lose a member at tribal no matter what.  Next week could get very interesting, however, since they tribes are essentially even on members of the other tribes.  I think that is a first after a tribe swap like that, so watching it play out could be very interesting.

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