Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week shortened due to March Madness.  But that works out well to me since I'm currently out of town for Easter.  I was able to wrap up my TV watching by Wednesday, so here's what I watched.

Once Upon a Time – Poor Mirah.  I was looking forward to seeing her move on.  I was hoping that pattern would continue.  And then to be thrown into the River of Lost Souls?  We have Hook now, but we’re in even greater trouble.  And Belle’s pregnant?  I guess that’s how they will get her involved in this second half story.  But I wonder just how Rumple is going to get out of this one.

Supergirl – That cheer you heard?  That was from the revelation that Alex and Kara’s dad is still alive.  I was hoping he was, although I must say I’d kind of given up hope.  Still, I can’t wait to see where they go with this.  Meanwhile, I knew the other assistant was going to be a villain, but that reveal was pretty incredible at the end.  I certainly can’t wait for next week, and that’s not factoring in the Flash crossover.

Dancing with the Stars – So I need to stop even pretending I’m not going to watch this show, don’t I?  But between Jodie Sweetin and Derek not being there to steal the trophy, I had to watch.  This is the most diverse range of scores I can remember in a long time.  A couple of standouts, but some pretty good potential in lots of the stars.  It will be interesting to see how this goes.

Castle – So glad they are back on the same team and working to bring down Lockstat.  They are always best when on the same team, and it’s about time they recognized that.  Nice little shout out to Montgomery in there as well.

The Flash – So based on a vibe they know the truth.  I thought they might set up the crossover with Supergirl next week, but they didn’t do that.  Anyway, I’m really curious how they are going to pull off this Jay was Zoom thing, and for that matter, how we are going to go about beating him.

Agents of SHIELD – There’s been rumors for a while that they were going to spin those two off into their own show.  I guess this is how they are writing them off.  I hadn’t heard that ABC had picked up the show, but I guess I missed something or at least a strong lean in that direction.  Not a fan of the flashback storytelling, so I could have done without that.  However, that final scene in the bar was very touching.

Arrow – I knew how the episode would have to end – Felicity and Oliver still would be broken up.  And yet watching that final scene hurt so much.  I’m still leaving like the Captain is going to be the person in the grave, especially now that he’s testified against Dark.  And it would be something that would bring Felicity back into the fold.

Survivor – I can feel for Peter.  He tried something since he knew he was low man on the pole, and it backfired.  I think he did the right thing, but it cost him in the end.

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