Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Thanks to some basketball and just March in general, it's about to get even quieter in here.  I have a feeling I'll appreciate that come April and May when most of my series will be doing a mad dash to the May finale finish line.  In other words, enjoy the breather while I can.  Not that this week was all that light.

The Amazing Race (3/4) – What a crazy ending!  How, all 8 teams arriving within seconds of each other.  Of course, when you have to travel that far to get to the pit stop, it allows that kind of thing to happen.  I did feel sorry for the ninth team.  I get why no one was helping them, but I understand the hurt as well.

Once Upon a Time – That’s how you do a landmark episode.  They expertly set up the conflict for the season while still including some great throw backs to earlier (the setting helped with that) and even filling in one of those lingering questions via the flashback.  Absolutely loved it.

Castle – Come again?  Hayley knew Castle before?  He stumbled on something Lockstat related, which is why he had his memory erased?  That seems a bit convenient given the story they are doing this season, but still, it’s an intriguing twist and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Team Ninja Warrior – Once again, I was rooting for the wrong teams, but boy were all of those heats close.  And the falls!  Those looked downright painful.  Congrats to the winners, and I do hope they do this again next year.

Agents of SHIELD – I know, I know.  I went ahead of watched it.  Everyone who is surprised, raise your hand.  Yep, that’s what I thought.  A little bit of forward movement, but in many ways I felt like a lot of set up.  Not completely out there, and I think some interesting conflict can come from this, but we will see if they deliver on it.

Of Kings and Prophets – The story of David and Saul is one of my favorites from the Old Testament, so, despite every warning sign, I had to tune in to see this train wreck.  And that’s what it is.  I’m not talking about the violence, which I could do without, or the sex, which again, I could do without.  I’m talking about the wandering story and the mumbling from the actors, especially the one playing Samuel.  And yet, I just might tune in again next week.

Survivor – That was quite dramatic with so many suffering heat stroke at the same time.  Sorry to see someone go out like that, too.  I’d say I hope the Braun tribe has righted themselves, but with a switch up coming next week, it doesn’t appear like it will matter.

Baby Daddy – I decided to give it one more try, and I made it a third of the way in before taking the show off my DVR.  It wasn’t funny, it was just annoying yet again.  Oh well, one less show on my to be watched schedule.

Big Bang Theory – I figured Raj and Emily would get back together, but I hope this means they will start using her more.  We’ve hardly seen her all season, especially before this break up storyline.  And Sheldon can be so wonderful when he wants to be.  The money he’s donating?  Wonderful!  And Howard and Bernadette’s discussion in the hallway was so hysterical, possibly the best part of the episode.

Legends of Tomorrow – The first time I felt like the character development was lacking.  There was some, but it was very light.  Yes, another cliffhanger, and I am dying to know how they are going to resolve this one.  A little heavy handed with the preaching at times, too.  Overall, the weakest episode of the series to date, although I still enjoyed it.

The Amazing Race – I thought there was no chance for teams to pass each other, but I was wrong on that front.  Choosing the wrong detour is what will do you in, I guess.  Well, and not getting the jump on the first take off.  As a fellow non-heights fan, I certainly would not have done well with this leg, either.  Yikes, they were up high.

Girl Meets World – They can still do comedy.  There were some funny bits in the episode, and at least they discussed the triangle even if they didn’t resolve it.  Are these the same kids who didn’t want Cory as their teacher at the start of the year?  Still, it was a very touching ending to the season.  We’ll see what season 3 brings.

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