Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

With February sweeps behind us, a few shows are dropping off for a couple of weeks.  Several more had series finales this past week.  It's going to be a little calmer for the next month or so, I have a feeling.

You'll notice that The Amazing Race is missing from this list.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I will add it on to next week's list.

Supergirl – So fun to see Smallville’s Supergirl showing up as the new villain.  (And I must say, she’s already done  more for the plot than her character did on Smallville.  Bad part of a weak season there.)  So glad the truth is now out in the open and Kara seems to have forgiven everyone involved.  That was such a touching scene with so much power without a word spoken.

Castle – Called the killer early on.  No idea what the motive was, but I figured it would make sense.  I loved how they used the rest of the class during the sting operation of the judge, too.  A lot of fun even if not the strongest episode.

Team Ninja Warrior – Wow, the two teams at the end were the underdogs the entire day.  What a finish for them and what a finish at the final race.  But the ages of those winners is making me feel like I need to get off the couch and work out more.  I have no excuses, right?  (I’m turning 41 on Tuesday, after all.)

The Muppets – The best part of these two episodes?  The Animal Hospital bits, which were just hysterical.  That’s what this show needed to be more than what it has been, the classic punny humor.  Or at least give us more of that.  And then a cliffhanger on whether or not Miss Piggy and Kermit would get back together?  Them breaking up was the worst idea on a show full of bad ideas, and they needed to fix it, especially since I doubt the ratings are strong enough for the show to come back next season.

Agent Carter – Another show with ratings weak enough that I wonder if it will be back.  They certainly set up the potential for next season.  What is in her file?  I’d come back to find out, but I doubt we get the chance.  Oh well, a great climax to this season either way.

Survivor – This twist with the immunity necklaces?  Anyone remember when they started out on the show?  Yeah, that was how it was done.  You could hand it over at any point.  They only changed it after a couple of seasons so that you had to do it before the votes were read.  Still, this will be interesting going forward.

Baby Daddy – Outside of the confrontation scene at the end, this episode was rather predictable and boring.  I may actually be over the show and about ready to dump it.

Suits – Wow.  Just wow!  Amazing episode.  My hats are off to the writers for having Mike face the consequences of his actions.  I don’t know how they will keep the series going with him in prison, but I like it.  And I love his sacrifice with not marrying Rachel at the end, too.  The firm is empty?  Where do we go from here?  It’s going to be a long few months until the show comes back this summer.

Legends of Tomorrow – I know I keep saying this every week, but it still amazes me.  With a cast this large, they are giving us great character development and great action and story.  Of course, did they just cut down one more of the cast?  I was not expecting that cliffhanger at all.  In fact, I didn’t think they were going that way with that character.  So where will we be when we come back next week?

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  1. Great post. I really hope Agent Carter comes back. I have all the episodes recorded but haven't started watching yet.