Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ornament Review: A World Within #1 - Snowy Scene - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Good scene inside a very small ornament
Cons: Size and subsequent lack of detail
The Bottom Line:
Snowy winter scene
Captured inside ornament
Shrunk to mini size

Hallmark Introduces a New Miniature Series of Miniature Panoramas

I tend to avoid Hallmark’s miniature ornaments.  They are so small that they don’t have the detail I normally love.  That’s why I was originally planning to pass on A World Within, the miniature series that Hallmark premiered in 2015, but eventually I caved.

This is one of several series Hallmark has going right now that feature a scene inside something else, and I seem to be hooked on these series.  This time, we are going to get a scene inside each miniature ornament.  The first ornament is a small round red ball.  And the scene inside the ornament?  There’s a snowman in the foreground with a house and a couple trees in the background.

I spent some time looking at this ornament in the store and debating about buying it before I finally caved in and got it.  There are two reasons why I was debating, and the first is the scene itself.  It’s good, but, as I mentioned earlier, it just doesn’t have the detail I normally like.  Oh, you can tell what everything is, but it doesn’t look at sharp as it does in the pictures Hallmark has created for publicity.  That’s always a disappointment when I first look at it, but the more I looked at it over the months, the more I grew to like it despite that.

The second reason is the size.  This is a small ornament.  It is just over an inch and a half from top to bottom and that’s the longest distance.  I think many of the pictures I’ve seen of the ornament are actually larger than the ornament itself.  The miniature ornaments are very easy to lose in your tree.  I’m actually excited about a mini tree that Hallmark is planning to sell this year for that very reason, it will give me a place to display the few mini ornaments I have.

Because this ornament comes to a point at the bottom, it won’t sit out anywhere.  You have to find some place to hang it.  But when you do hang it, you’ll find that it hangs straight, which isn’t too much of a surprise given the shape of the ornament.

Since this is the start of a new series, you’ll find a 1 in a Christmas tree on the back of the ornament.  It’s actually surprisingly big for the size of the ornament and not that hard to spot at all.  There’s also a snowflake painted on the back side of the ornament.

While I don’t think the miniature ornaments will ever be a favorite, I am glad I broke down and started the A World Within series.

And if you enjoy this, be sure to check out the rest of the A World Within series.

Original Price: $7.95

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