Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I am caught up on TV.  But before we get there, a few thoughts on the cancellations from yesterday.

First of all, thank goodness that Castle was canceled.  Now we can have the resolution the characters deserve instead of trying to keep the show going without Beckett.  I'm a bit surprised it was canceled since they'd signed some of the cast for season 9, but I'm relieved.

I would not have been watching The Muppets had it come back.  Agent Carter was hit or miss for me.  This season was just a bit too weird overall, so I'm not devastated it won't be back.  Galavant is disappointing.  I loved that show.  However, none of these three shows are a surprise since their ratings were poor.

And I'm thrilled that Supergirl will be back.  It always felt like it belonged on The CW, so now it can be there with it's DC brethren.

And yes, there are a few new shows that sound interesting.  Hopefully, I don't get sucked into any of them.  I need to cut back.  No, seriously.  I mean, look at this list and you'll see what I mean.

The Odd Couple (5/5) – I’m allergic to dogs and cats, so I’ve never felt quite comfortable around them.  As a result, I could completely sympathize with Felix in this episode.  Of course, some dog owners don’t get that at all, but that’s a different rant entirely.

Rush Hour (5/5) – How much longer are they going to find ways to work the cousin into the show.  Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but he really seems forced most weeks.  Overall, another strong episode.  I’m so enjoying this show.

The Amazing Race (5/6) – Two weeks in a row, we lose a team I was rooting for.  Heck, I really wanted them to at least get a first place once after all those seconds.  And seriously, how are the mother/son team still there?  I figured they’d be gone weeks ago, like the first half of the season.

Once Upon a Time – I was really worried it was going to be Robin Hood, and then as he and Regina were going to get the baby, I knew it would be.  Didn’t keep me from tearing up at the final scenes of the episode.  And Hook is back!  I really figured they couldn’t get rid of him like that.  A bit weird to see Arthur and Merida show up again, but it was nice to find out a bit more about what’s been going on with them.  Quite curious to see how they are going to wrap everything up for the season next week, but at least we’ve got two hours to enjoy.

Dancing with the Stars – Jodie was the reason I watched this season, so I’m sorry to see her go.  Not that I’m that surprised since she’s been in the bottom so many times.  This is one reason I wish they still had the results shows because when a couple does an amazing job, it doesn’t matter.  Their fate was sealed a week ago, and they put in all that work this week for nothing.  But it is how things are played now.  And you know I have to comment on Nyle.  That seconds of silence gave me a whole new appreciate for what he does.  To have the artistry and movement he does without hearing anything and be right on with the music just blows my mind.  I mean, it has all season, but now it does so much more.

The Odd Couple (5/9) – Even when something is completely predictable, it can still be fun.  I wouldn’t say that either of the storylines held any surprises, but it was an enjoyable episode.

Castle – And that’s the way they go out – another fun episode.  Oh, they’ve done this kind of thing where Castle thinks that something supernatural is happening even when it isn’t, but they are always fun episodes fill with some good laughs.  The best line of the night came near the end.  “Did I just make a deal with the Devil?”  Honestly, I’m still debating if I want to watch next week’s episode or not.  I might just leave it right here and walk away from the show.  I do not want to watch this show without Beckett.

The Flash – That’s the heart the series has been missing much of the season.  Wow, I just loved that episode.  But why do I have a feeling that Barry’s dad isn’t going to make it out of the season alive.  I’m just very fearful that his moving back to town isn’t going to stick because they are planning to kill the character off.  I hope I’m wrong, but I’m fearful I’m not.

Agents of SHIELD – I wasn’t buying things much of the episode.  I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong, but it just didn’t feel right.  So the big reveal wasn’t a super big surprise, but it still made me feel better.  Not nearly as much better as when Daisy returned to base healed.  So glad that nonsense is over.

Arrow – When did Arrow turn into 24?  Seriously, that was a very dark episode, even darker than when we lost Laurel.  Isn’t it about time for some of that sunshine and light they promised us?  I’m ready any time now.  (Okay, so I had a frustrating evening before watching this episode, and the doom and gloom didn’t help.)

Survivor – So, eating too much can be very dangerous for you.  I feel so badly for Joe to be brought down by something he won at a reward challenge.  But I have a feeling it will make for a very exciting and interesting finale next week.  Oh, and for once I’m rooting for that all women alliance.  Tai gets more annoying each week.

Legends of Tomorrow – My head is spinning from the twists and reveals.  Great hour of TV, and I can’t wait to see where they go next week.  Although I’m sad about the character who died.  Fortunately, being a time travel show, they can always work around that, and it sounds like they have with the actor signing to be recurring on several shows in the DC TV ‘verse.

Big Bang Theory – I kid you not, while I was out for my run, I was thinking about Leonard’s dad showing up and wondering if he’d hook up with Sheldon’s mom.  Bingo!  Still, I enjoyed those scenes, although the scenes that really killed me involved Howard, Bernadette, and Raj.  That may have been some of my favorite comedy of the season.

The Odd Couple (5/12) – So that’s how they get rid of Charlotte.  Yet they did it in such a way that they can bring her back later since we don’t hate her.  The mix up with Felix and Emily was fantastically played out, too.  Even the bit with the shoes was good.  This may be the strongest episode of the season to date.

Rush Hour – Was it just me, or did this feel like it should have aired earlier in the season?  The character’s felt like they hadn’t grown as much as they have now, and there was a reference to them only being partners for 2 weeks.  Still really enjoyed the episode, but I kept flashing to them airing this in the wrong order.

Amazing Race – As a non-fan of heights and a person with horrible spelling, that leg would have been a nightmare.  I would have had fun looking for the boat, but that was it.  Very glad with the team that one.  Obviously, I was rooting for the Frisbee guys, but if they couldn’t make the final three, the dancers were my first choice of the teams that did.

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