Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I knew this was going to be a light TV week, but it turned out to be even lighter than I was expecting.  CBS has pulled Rush Hour from their schedule.  I knew it had been canceled, but I thought they'd play the rest of the episodes.  I guess not.  I wonder if they will ever see the light of day or not.

Meanwhile, here are the few final season finales on my plate for this May, and one show just building to its series finale.

The Odd Couple – Saw the first episode coming pretty much from the get go.  Doesn’t make it any less fun, however.  The second one?  I’m hoping that Charlotte sticks around since I really do like her.  And it will be interesting to see how things have changed when Emily comes back.

Dancing with the Stars – Nyle won!!!  He certainly deserved it, too.  I can’t imagine dancing as well as he does, and I can hear the music.  Wow, what he did just blows my mind.  And, while there might have been some sympathy vote on America’s part, there wasn’t on the judge’s.  He earned those scores from them.  And, honestly, he deserved to win.  What he did out there each week was amazing for anyone on the show, much less someone who is deaf.

The Flash – Right actor, wrong part.  I had told a friend I was hoping that Henry was in the mask somehow.  It’s not Henry, but it is the same actor, and now it’s even more fun since that actor played The Flash (but Barry Allen version) in the 1990 TV show.  Still, I will miss Henry since he provided such a nice heart to the show, a heart that was missing much of this season.  I like how they defeated Zoom, too.  Barry didn’t have to give in to his anger.  But those final moments?  What is that going to mean for next season?  That’s what I’m wondering about.

Arrow – At least they addressed the fact that everything turned dark this season despite their promise to be lighter.  Still got the 24 vibe off this episode – maybe since we were dealing with nukes.  With almost everyone gone, I’ll be interested to see how they bring them all back in the fall.  At least I assume everyone is coming back.  Haven’t heard anything about anyone else leaving the show, so hopefully they will all be back next year.

Royal Pains – Jeremiah’s story arc was pretty predictable, yet it was so sweet.  It was great to see him get some development like that.  And I’m glad that Hank and Evan were only fighting this episode.  Certainly understandable, but I like it better when they are on the same team.  But who was after Boris this time around?  I’m definitely intrigued.

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