Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

So the TV networks announced their schedules for fall this week.  I'm not sure there were any big surprises for me.  Supergirl moved to the CW (but same night and time).  Honestly, it should have always been there.  Honestly, I'm just glad to see it back anywhere.

So I'm trying to look at the new schedule and decide what if anything I want to add.  Yes, I know, I know.  I keep saying I need to cut shows out of my schedule, not add more.  But I also hate to miss out on the next big thing.  With Castle gone, and giving up Scream Queens and Agents of SHIELD, I've got three hours of free time.  Plus, Amazing Race isn't coming back until next year some time.  So I could take on more, right?

To be honest, I am tempted by Lethal Weapon.  I liked the movies, and the TV show trailer looks interesting.  Designated Survivor looks like it would be a fun ride, and it has Keifer Sutherland and Maggie Q.  But both of those are on Wednesdays, which would make for a very packed evening (Arrow and Survivor are already on that night).  I'm interested in MacGyver, although I never watched the original series since I didn't watch TV growing up.  That's on Friday, when I have nothing to watch right now.  Although I could easily watch movies that night.  I've clearly been neglecting movies the last few years.

All these tough decisions!

Tuesday is looking like my easiest night of the week with just The Flash.  I'm usually using Tuesday to catch up on Dancing with the Stars anyway, so that's a good thing.  Plus it's more reading time.  And the way I'm feeling right now, I might not start any new shows so I can read more.  But there will probably be something I decide to try out when we hit September.

Okay, enough about the fall.  Shall we get to the shows I actually watched this last week?

Once Upon a Time – Is it September yet?  I enjoyed the finale, which in some ways was little more than set up for next season, but what a great set up it is.  I love Jekyll and Hyde and can’t wait to see this played out.  Plus the Evil Queen is out to play, too.  It’s going to be a wild ride and I just can’t wait!

Dancing with the Stars – The right two couples did go home, although boy was it a tough call.  Everyone was amazing tonight.  I’m still on team Nyle.  I mean, he was out there dancing deaf and blindfolded and didn’t miss a beat.  How does he do that?

The Odd Couple (5/16) – Somehow, Felix’s competitive nature felt completely natural when it comes to chess.  A bit of a sappy ending, but a fun episode overall.

Castle – That’s it?  That rushed mess is how we end the series?  And the flash forward seven years was so obviously tacked on it felt ridiculous.  This season was so disappointing.  I think I’ll pretend that the show stopped in season seven and forget this mess of a final season ever happened.

The Flash – Did I call it last week or what?  I just hate it that I was right, too, since Henry being back was giving the show such wonderful heart again.  Do you think Wally is going to figure things out after Barry took off like that?  Katie was amazing as Siren.  At least they gave us one more geek out moment with Henry and Tina, aka two stars of the 1990 Flash, sharing a couple of scenes before they killed him.

Agents of SHIELD – Of course, I got this one completely wrong.  I was sure it was going to be Fitz or Simmons, with my money on Fitz.  They’ve done a good job of weeding out some of the other agents and getting back to the core team.  Oh, and it looks like they also took out Ward for good, which makes me very happy.  Naturally, I’m curious who the new director of SHIELD is.  I’ll have to read about it to find out because I truly still don’t intend to come back next season.

Arrow – As much as I like Felicity, I’m not sure I found the revelations about her family that shocking.  Still, what Curtis said about her relationship with Oliver is interesting.  I wonder if that will lead to them getting back together.  I love how awkwardly they shot around Alex’s body so they didn’t have to pay him for another episode.  Damien is going to be out to end the world now for sure, and I still have no clue how we will stop him.

Survivor – I guess I just don’t get the Tai fascination.  I found him wishy washy and overbearing.  I’m glad Michelle won, although I think I would have been okay with any of the ladies winning.

Royal Pains – So what’s up with Eddie?  They made it sound like he’s dying, so that can’t be it.  What secret is he hiding this time?  So much happened in the last nine months, wow, that was a lot of catch up on.  Still, such wonderful characters, and I love how they all support each other.  As disappointing as last season was, I’m really going to miss this show.

Legends of Tomorrow – What a great ending.  A bit big and over the top, but what else would you expect from this show.  That ending was something else as well.  What does it all mean?  Can’t wait until September to find out.

Odd Couple (5/19) – Two wonderful episodes on Thursday.  I enjoyed Emily and Oscar as friends, and I hope they play with that in the future.  Just a line or two is fine.  And Felix learning to drive was a riot.  With the show being picked up for a full season, I hope they can keep episodes like these coming.

Rush Hour – Did not see that twist at the end coming.  It was a great job of piecing things together along the way while on the run, too.  Loved the scene at the end in the courtroom.  I’m sorry this show has been canceled.  It may not be a favorite, but I’m really going to miss it next season.  Fortunately, we’ve got a few episodes to go, and I hope they resolve things with the sister.


  1. I loved the original MacGyver with RDA, but I don't seem to do well with remakes.

    I liked Tai. Perhaps part of the 'fascination' is the underdog factor.

    1. I would probably like the remake because I've never seen the original. But these remakes seem to crash and burn, so I'm hesitant to jump into the new series.

      I never viewed Tai as the underdog. He came across as very wishy washy to me. Funny how we can see the same thing and come away with different views, isn't it?

    2. Yes, different views. So many factors too - gender, age, region and more.


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