Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26th's Book Beginning and Friday 56

Welcome to Friday!  Of course, that means it is time for Book Beginning and Friday 56.

This week's book is Die Like an Eagle, the latest Meg Langslow mystery by Donna Andrews.

Usually, I read a book every three days.  I read this book in two.  That's how much I was enjoying it.  My review will be up on Tuesday.

The book centers around youth baseball.  And yes, it is a mystery.  But the youth baseball helps explain the beginning:

"No fair!  I wasn't ready!"

So are you wondering how baseball and a murder can be in the same book?  Maybe the 56 will help with that:

"Right now, this whole field could be the crime scene, and we may need to send all these people away for a few hours.  We'll have to delay the first game - possibly cancel today's games, depending on how our investigation goes."

How does it go?  Is the field a crime scene?  You'll have to read the book to find out.  But come back to see my review Tuesday as well.


  1. Sounds good, and like you had fun reading it. Here's You will know me by Megan Abbott, which I'll be reading this weekend.

  2. Enticing! Will keep an eye out for your review! Here's my Friday Meets:

  3. Sounds exciting!! Love that baseball plays a part too. Happy weekend!

  4. Takes me back to when I was young and we raced to get our chores done on the weekend so we could play ball. I think this actually happened to me a few times. LOL

    MY Friday 56 from Alpha Unleashed

  5. If they can set mysteries in cake shops, knitting clubs, etc., etc., they can set one in a little league baseball diamond!

    Thanks for sharing the beginning on BBOF!

  6. For some reason I though I was looking at a frog for a second instead of a chick... I'm glad you liked this one!

    Check out my Friday 56 (With Book Beginnings).