Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ornament Review: Death Star Tree Topper - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Light and music show is a blast!  Star pun
Cons: Details could be a little better; not enough supply to meet demand in 2016
The Bottom Line:
Star for Star Wars fans
Light and music add to fun
Pricey but worth it

I Finally Have a Star for the Top of My Tree.  A Death Star, That Is

I feel like it’s time for another issue of true confessions.  With all my Christmas ornaments, I have never bought a tree topper.  Of course, there is a reason for that.  My artificial trees are small and on the cheaper side of things, and I haven’t trusted them to hold the weight of a tree topper.  But I had to change that this year for the Death Star Tree Topper that Hallmark released in 2016.

Yes, it is pretty much what you’d expect from that name.  We have a round ball that is made to look like the Death Star from the original Star Wars movie.  It’s gray with the pattern of the original raised on it.  There’s the trench at the diameter mark, and the circle in the front where the weapon fires.  The only real change is the hole in the bottom so you can stick it on the top of your tree.

First, as a lover of puns, can I say how much I love the idea of a Death Star as the star on the top of your tree.  Yes, it is a completely geeky thing, but it is so much fun.

The pattern on the Death Star is slightly raised.  I think it would look better overall if it were a little more raised, but when you have it in a dark room on a lit Christmas tree, it will look just fine.

In addition to the hole, there is a stick that goes in the bottom of the Death Star.  You can use this and the Velcro attached to the stick to help attach this topper to your tree.  Of course, my big fear is my weak branches tipping over under the weight, but this is nice to help make sure the Death Star stays in place.

But I have yet to get to why this tree topper was a must get for me.  It’s a Magic item.  It connects to Hallmark’s Magic Cord (sold separately) or the power cord supplied.  When you plug it in, you find that it lights up, flashing red, white, green, and blue.  The two hemispheres, the trench, and the weapon region all have their own lights, and they flash in various patterns.

A remote control also comes with this ornament, and when you press the button on the remote, the show really begins.  It alternates between “The Imperial March” or “The Star Wars Theme.”  During the 45 seconds that the music lasts, the lights put on a show in time to the music.

The instructions recommend that you plug the Death Star into both the power source that comes with the topper and the Magic Cord.  I figured out why very quickly.  While either alone is enough to power the topper, there isn’t enough power to run a show with any other ornaments you have plugged into the Magic Cord if you are just using that cord.  However, with the Death Star drawing power from both, the rest of your Magic Cord ornaments will also participate in your show.

As soon as I saw this, I knew it would be a hot item despite the $99.95 price.  It seems that Hallmark didn’t have as much faith in it, and I’m hearing that some stores didn’t even get enough to cover those who pre-ordered it on wish lists.  Prices on the secondary market are rising rapidly as a result.  While I make no promises, based on past performance, I would guess that Hallmark will release this next year.  If not, the secondary prices will continue to rise, so it is a gamble if you want to wait or buy it now.

However, I am glad I was able to get the Death Star Tree Topper.  I have a feeling I will be setting it next to my tree, but I will be smiling every time I press the button on the remote to start the show.

Original Price: $99.95


  1. Hallmark hit it out of the ball park with this tree
    topper :-) ...double thumbs up!

  2. One question, we won a tree topper from a local Hallmark that held a drawing for the display model... however when we got it home there was no universal power cord. Can you please send me a picture of what it looks like so I can take that to the store....

    thank you
    Donna Cantrell,