Saturday, October 8, 2016

Weekly TV Thoughts for October 8th

It's beginning to feel more like the fall TV season is back with the return of two of my superhero shows.  Yes, they always start a couple of weeks late, but since they make up so much of what I watch, TV still feels light without them.

Once Upon a Time – Must better than the season premiere.  I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit lost since I won’t know as many of the characters they are using this year, like either of the guest characters this time around, yet I still enjoyed the episode because of what it did with the main characters.  And you can tell that Lana is having a blast playing the Evil Queen.  Glad that Emma is at least talking to someone about her visions.  It’s obviously not Regina who kills her, but it is obviously someone we do know, so I’m wondering who.

Big Bang Theory – So they will have two years instead of two months to complete this project.  Best part of the episode was The Flash as Sheldon’s pusher.  Very funny.  The rest was good, but not among the best of the season.  Now watch, when this hits reruns I’ll find it hilarious.  (That often happens with this show, the more I see an episode the more I appreciate it.)

Conviction – This could be good, but the plot felt way too familiar and predictable.  Since I know so many in the cast, I might give it another week, but I’ll be very busy since Supergirl comes back next week on Monday as well.  Maybe they can introduce more twists and a better mystery when they don’t have to introduce all the characters.

Dancing with the Stars – I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard Cirque Du Soleil night, but that was incredible.  And the cream are definitely starting to rise to the top.  Not too surprised over who left.  There are a couple more easy ones, but after that it’s going to start getting much harder.

Flash – I’m hoping this is the sign that The Flash is back in top form this season.  I’m very curious why Barry isn’t back in the correct time stream, although I knew we wouldn’t be back with just one episode in this alternative reality.  And who is this new villain we are about to face?  But the best part of the episode for me?  They found a part of Alex Desert to play!  I hope it’s not a one and done, but still, that was very cool to finally see the third lead from the original TV Flash show up here.

Survivor – So I was wrong last week, it wasn’t a switch up this early in the game, it was a meeting between parts of the tribes.  I’ll be interested to see if anything comes from that down the line, especially since they got Paul off GenX this week.  I’m actually pleasantly surprised.  I wasn’t a fan, which could be a result of the editing, of course.  And I actually thought CC should have gone based on her poor performances.  I can’t wait to see how that shakes out next week.  And the fact that the Millennials leaders went to the meeting will be interesting as well.

Arrow – This show is back in style.  I hope this means we’ve got a good season ahead of us since the show tends to go off track late in the season.  Curtis as a superhero?  That will be interesting.  Who is the new masked man?  Obviously, I don’t like him at all.  And that poor cop he killed!

Lethal Weapon – My least favorite of the three episodes so far.  It definitely had less action, although my bigger problem was it just didn’t seem to work.  The “Here” “There” jokes fell flat, too.  On the other hand, it was fun to see Ted Levine from Monk.  I recognized his voice right away; I’m not sure I would have recognized him with that beard.

Designated Survivor – Definitely enjoyed this one more than last week.  I’m very concerned about Aaron, the new Chief of Staff.  I don’t think he can be trusted.  I’m not sure promoting him after the way he handled the video was the right thing to do.  And what is with the survivor who got out of his seat.  Is he really involved like we are supposed to think, or is something else going on?


  1. Interesting tidbit about Supergirl in case you missed it or forgot: Jesse Graf from American Ninja Warriors is a stuntwoman. Not sure if it was in the past, present or this season, but she was working for Supergirl.

    1. They talked about it quite a bit on ANW this summer. I think she was working on the show during season 1. I'd assume she's going to be doing stunts for season 2 as well, but I haven't heard one way or the other.