Saturday, October 29, 2016

October 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Would you believe I started watching another new show this week?  Does it count for anything that it is a half hour comedy?  And this is definitely my last new show of the fall.  Stop laughing - I mean it!  Of course, I'm already counting down until the new 24 premiers, so I'll have to add that into the mix come February, but I'll worry about that then.

Once Upon a Time – Even though it was the Evil Queen’s doing, I’m glad that Emma’s secret is out.  But will Hook use those sheers?  And what are the consequences for Aladdin?  Is Jafar still around somewhere?  I loved the references to the movie hidden in the episode.

Supergirl – I was a bit surprised that Lynda Carter didn’t have much to do in this episode, but with that revel at the end, it’s obvious she will be back at some point.  Plus there was the alien at the end.  Lots of good stories in the works for this season, I can tell.  But my favorite line of the night?  “You should see my other jet.”

Dancing with the Stars – I said Maureen would be one of the next to go.  I really fear for Ryan next week as well since I think he’s on the bottom, too.  But that’s next week, let’s look at this week.  I agree with the judges that it was nice to see a team dance that was all of the team dancing together, and Team Past did an outstanding job.

Odd Couple – Proving once again that predictable can still be fun.  Yes, I saw where Felix buying into the bar would lead, but it was a lot of fun seeing it actually happen.  The last scene between the two of them was very funny as they each tried to take credit for deciding to do what was thrust upon them.

Conviction – I’m intrigued with where they will go with her relationship with her brother and the DA.  I’m not too surprised by her melt down at the interview, and she’s right.  But the fallout from speaking the truth is going to be harsh.  And yes, this means I’m pretty hooked, at least for another episode.

The Flash – I do not like HW.  The guy is trying too hard to be hip and funny, or they are trying too hard to make him hip and funny or something.  His act is going to get very old in a big hurry.  And poor Kaitlyn is transforming.  The question is, will she be transforming for good or evil?  She’s definitely afraid of her transformation right now, and I can understand why.

Arrow – I can’t say there were any real surprises in the episode this week.  Not that it was a bad episode, but the character growth and plot points were fairly predictable.  About the only real surprise was that one of the new team members was kidnapped by the villain.  Still, a fun and entertaining hour.

Survivor – Now that was a surprise.  I mean, anyone with a brain would see you had to take out Fig or Taylor the first chance you got, but since we know more than the people on the island do at times, they aren’t always as smart as we are.  And Fig seemed to be the one calling more of the shots, plus she was in a key position to lose both parts of the challenge.  I wouldn’t want to be around Taylor, but things are going to get very interesting.

Designated Survivor – I’m not surprised that someone died on the mission, I was just surprised by who it was.  I figured it would be the guys we met who had a new wife and a kid on the way.  I was glad to be wrong.  Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to get some soap opera with the parentage of the First Son.  Not looking forward to that storyline, and we don’t need it.  I’m glad that the investigation has turned up proof so quickly.  And just as we are about to make that survivor the Vice President.  That’s not good.

Big Bang Theory – I did not see that coming at the convention.  I should have, but I didn’t.  So very funny.  Of course, the other two storylines were just as funny.  Poor Stuart just gets no respect.  And I loved Raj and Howard buying all that expensive baby stuff.

The Great Indoors – I’m not completely hooked yet, but I do like the pilot.  There were some pretty funny jokes, and the characters show promise.  So far, it’s pretty one note, but hopefully they can develop things more as the series progresses and be just as funny.  I’ll definitely be back next week.

Legends of Tomorrow – Where is Rip?  What was that message from Barry?  And how will the Atom get his suit back?  Okay, that last one is probably the easiest, he’ll just build it again.  Seriously, that was another fun episode.  I seriously love this show.

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