Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Hi all.  If you are here to see what I'm doing for the readathon, keep scrolling down.  I normally use Saturday to post my thoughts on the TV shows I watched during the week.  If you'are interested in those thoughts, just keep reading below the jump.

Once Upon a Time – I should have seen that twist coming.  They love to twist characters all around.  Look what they did to Hook and Pan, after all.  So Jekyll was the evil one all along.  And they got rid of both of them that soon into the season.  I thought they’d last much longer.  It did give us an interesting twist for Regina, however.  Will we find another way to defeat the Evil Queen?  I called that Jasmin was the new TA as soon as we saw her.  So where is Aladdin?

Supergirl – So the working together theme was a bit predictable, but I still loved the scenes where they were working together at the end and the way they worked through their issues.  I also like how they wrote Cat out of the show, at least temporarily.  I’m sorry to see Superman go and hope they get him back soon.  And can’t Kara have a decent boss instead of a jerk again?

Big Bang Theory – I really do still love this show.  Heck, we’re still learning new things about Sheldon in season 10, and the character relationships are so great.  Both of the storylines were pretty funny.  No stand out lines, but plenty of fun and laughs along the way.

Dancing with the Stars – There are always some hot numbers during Latin week, but this time surpassed them all.  I’m glad they had water on the set for one of them so that my TV didn’t burst into flames.  And I’m glad Amber Rose left.  Yikes she was full of drama.  It’s probably Maureen and Ryan next, and I’ll be sorry to see them go, but they are the weaker dancers left at this point.

The Odd Couple – Wait, is Teri Hatcher a series regular now?  I should have paid more attention to the opening credits.  It was fun to have the characters back.  Not the absolutely funniest sitcom out there, but amusing.

Conviction – I almost didn’t watch the episode, but I wound up watching it on Friday.  I still can’t decide what I think of the show.  I do get pulled in when I do watch it, but I am just not excited about it before I start the episode.  They certainly did a good job with this case of getting to the heart of the many issues.  I liked that aspect of things, although I’m not sure I go with the happy ending completely.

The Flash – So when Kid Flash comes along, will that be a good thing or a bad thing?  And what about Caitlyn becoming Killer Frost?  I’m thinking that might be bad as well.  And will we wind up fixing the time paradox by the end of the season?  So many questions.

Scream – So the Halloween special was pretty much separate from the main storyline.  I mean, we had wrap arounds that continued things, but nothing else really matters.  Still, a fun little murder spree there.  Felt more like a movie than the show, which I’m sure was on purpose.  Glad the show is coming back for six episodes so we can find out what happens next.

Arrow – Glad they have mentioned Diggle’s kid being affected by Flashpoint  I wonder if there are any other things we are going to see on the non-Flash shows related to that.  Again, I found the episode fairly predictable from a character standpoint, but it was still plenty fun, and it’s good to see Oliver showing trust in other people even if he has to be beaten over the head with it.  Otherwise, we’d be back to season 1.  But now we’ve got two cliffhangers (of sorts) going into next week?  Yikes!  I can’t wait to see how both of those unfold.

Lethal Weapon – Not only was the suspect this week acting like Riggs, he looked very similar to him as well, or was that just me?  They’ve definitely toned down the action, but I’m still have such fun with the show because I love the characters.

Survivor – I get the numbers that GenX is facing, but getting rid of CC was the smart thing to do.  Heck, it would have been smart in week one.  She has been the obvious weak link all along.  Not that Dave is helping much.  I like him, but he would be the next smart one to get rid of if that team has to go again.

Legends of Tomorrow – Those last few minutes shocked me.  I thought that character would be around for a few episodes, although I knew he wouldn’t be around all the time.  Sara as the leader will be interesting, although where is Rip?  That’s the question I really want to see answered.


  1. Agreed about Latin week on DWTS. Marilu Henner continues to amaze me with her improvement. She's really a surprise.

    1. I'm not too surprised she's doing as well as she is. After all, her partner is Derek, who always brings out the best in everyone. But it is very nice to see him not have a partner who spends the entire run of the show at the top of the leader board.