Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ornament Review: 12 Little Days of Christmas Days 4-6 - 2016 Hallmark Ornament Set

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Small but beautiful version of 3 more of the 12 Days
Cons: Some won’t appreciate how day 5 is represented
The Bottom Line:
12 days continue
Next three just as small and cute
So glad I started

The Next Three Days are Just as Wonderful

When I reviewed the first set of Hallmark’s 12 Little Days of Christmas, I think I used the word elegant too many times.  And yet, that’s my best reaction to them.  Let’s see if I can get through reviewing the second set without using the word once even though it really still applies.

As you’d expect, this set covers days four through six of the famous (or infamous) Christmas song.  And the pieces are mostly white porcelain with gold highlights that look stunning.

The calling bird has gold at the base of the wings, a gold beak, gold tail feathers, and a gold cap.  Just in case you aren’t sure what it is (since I’ve never heard of a calling bird outside this song), there is a 4 on the acorn dangle.

The next one is the most controversial piece of the series.  Instead of doing the traditional golden rings (which would look great for this miniature series), we get a golden pheasant, which is an alternative take on that verse.  Of course, here, the pheasant is once again white with gold wings, a huge gold tail, and a golden design supposed to represent those rings.  The dangle also nods to rings as its shape is 5 rings with a 5 in the middle.

Finally, we get a goose a laying.  Yep, it’s white the gold accents on the wings, tail feathers and beak.  The dangle is a small golden egg with a six in it.

As I said before, all of these pieces look great.  They are small (this is the Little Days of Christmas, after all), but they make up for the lack of detail with the gold highlights, which are just so much fun.  Even though all three pieces are birds, they are still distinctive enough to make it obvious they are different things, although the numbers on the dangler certainly help with a couple of them.

As with the full size series, there is no way to set this ornaments out to display, so hanging is the only option.  While the calling bird definitely hangs straight, the other two seem to tip forward a bit, but not enough to truly be an issue.

And all three look great.  When I saw the first set in the store in July, my resistance melted, and I’m glad it did.  Now that we are half way through with days 4 through 6 of the 12 Little Days of Christmas, I’m as glad as ever that I started collecting them.

Since you can't get just part of the song, here are the rest of the 12 Little Days of Christmas.

Original Price: $24.95

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