Saturday, November 5, 2016

November 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

This was a very busy week for me.  I was out three nights instead of my usual one.  That means I got most of my TV watched in two nights, thanks to several shows not being on.

But it was nice to be out having a life.  I wouldn't trade that for anything, and I'd gladly cut back a few shows if this were a regular thing.

Anyway, here's to what I did watch.

Once Upon a Time – Interesting way of working Nemo into things and bring back part of Hook’s past.  I actually figured out the twist at the end early, but it was still good.  Now that the shears are gone, what will Gold do?  And will Jiminy ever become Dr. Hopper again?  (Probably not until they can get the actors back on the show.

Supergirl – Not the best episode, but it definitely moved the characters along.  I’m not a fan of a fight club type plot, which was why I didn’t care for it.  I’m just wondering if the alien at the end has taken over the other Martian or if she never truly existed.

Dancing with the Stars – Because it was such a crazy week, I didn’t actually get this watched until Friday night, making the Halloween theme fun but not quite as fun.  Still, I enjoyed it.  How could you not with three perfect scores?  It was definitely Ryan’s turn to go.  He was the weakest of the dancers left.  I’m thinking that Merilu might be the next to go, but we’ll see.

The Odd Couple – You know, that was actually kind of painful – at least the stuff with Felix.  And it really bought down the episode since so much revolved around his haunted history tour.  It was fun to see Auggie from Girl Meets World pop up.  Recognized his voice right away.

The Flash – I’m a bit surprised they had the new CSI thaw so quickly.  So I wonder where his story is going.  I’m betting he turns into the villain before the year is out.  Not that he already is, but he becomes the villain after his desire to use his powers for good.  Meanwhile, I am very concerned about Caitlin.  I don’t want her to become a villain, but she is certainly headed down that road right now.

Arrow – So who is this other archer?  Oh, we know a name, but what is he really after?  And how bad is it going to be that he knows who Oliver really is?  Meanwhile, I like what they are doing with the new characters.  Predictable?  Yes, but still nice to see them becoming part of the team and how they are being developed.  Thea hasn’t had too much to do this season.  Yet.  I have a feeling that could change at any point.

Survivor – I’m not sure if I agree with the Millennials strategy of getting rid of threatening players now.  There is a point where you need to get rid of the threats, and Michela certainly was a threat.  But you do have to make sure you still have the numbers before you completely do that.  However, for the last several seasons, anyone who tries to take control of the game is immediately voted out.  You should know better than that by now.  With the merge coming next week, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

The Big Bang Theory – A tad bit of a cliffhanger there, but I have a feeling that we are currently seeing the living arrangements.  I like the idea of these things being permanent.  But when are we going to actually see a bit more about Raj’s love life instead of it just being a punch line?  That’s what I want to know.  As in are the two women really permanently off the show?  Or will he wind up back together with one of them.

The Great Indoors – Did that episode hit a little too close to home or was it just not as funny as the first?  That was almost a bit painful at times.  I’ll give it a third chance next week, but I hope it is actually beginning to reach it’s potential by then, or I will most likely drop it.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’m not a fan of zombies.  (I’d do worse than the good Dr. did if I were in that situation.)  And I also felt a bit like we were being lectured on the evils of slavery.  Slavery is evil.  I get it.  Yet combining the two really took things and made it surreal for me.  Easily the worst episode of what has been a strong season to date.

Girl Meets World – I get that they are a comedy, but this felt weak to me.  Lots of words going back and forth, and the resolution came from realizing they loved each other.  No real discussion of the fact that Riley was wrong other than a few lines said in anger?  And I get that Cory was supposed to be the comic relief, but he came off as a buffoon, a part he doesn’t normally play.  Definitely a disappointing episode.


  1. We're on the fence about The Great Indoors. Love the concept - not quite as fond of the actual show that I've seen so far. I'm good with Ryan Lochte going and I agree about Merilu on DWTS. I really like her but I don't think she's progressing the same as the others.

    1. You've exactly captured my thoughts on The Great Indoors. Not surprised since we have such similar tastes.

  2. I missed this weeks Survivor episode but have it recorded On Demand. Still loving Big Bang! They can't do wrong in my book. LOL I started from the beginning and am rewatching Once Upon A Time. Such a fun show. And just wrapped up The Black List. Also watching American Horror.

    1. For a show to be 10 years old and still as funny as it is must mean they have some great writers on the show along with the obviously talented and funny cast.