Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading Challenge: Foodie Reads 2017

With all the culinary cozies I enjoy, I'm back for another round of Foodie Reads.  And with all the foodie books I've read this year, I'm going straight for the top level, Cordon-Bleu Chef, which is 19 or more books.  Since I read just under forty in 2016, I don't think that will be a problem for me.

I'll list the books here as I read them.

1. Pop Goes the Murder by Kristi Abbott
2. War and Peach by Susan Furlong
3. A Measure of Murder by Leslie Karst
4. Bitter Harvest by Wendy Tyson
5. The Silence of the Flans by Laura Bradford
6. When the Grits Hit the Fan by Maddie Day
7. Caramel Crush by Jenn McKinlay
8. Whale of a Crime by Karen MacInerney
9. Uncorking a Lie by Nadine Nettmann

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  1. Thanks, now I am hungry! You are going to be busy!