Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Book Review: Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Sparkle Abbey (Pampered Pets Mysteries #3)

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fun characters provide lots of fun
Cons: Plot could be a little stronger overall
The Bottom Line:
Caro’s neighbor shot
Starts off fun mystery book
That ends all too soon

Painting Cats’ Owner Murdered

Sometimes, when I read a book, I have to sit back and scratch my head, wondering if something in the book is actually a thing.  In the case of Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, I’m wondering that about pets who paint.  I’d certainly never heard of that before, but it sets up the fun third Pampered Pets Mystery.

In fact, the book opens at a gallery showing for several different artistic pets, including the two cats of Caro Lamont’s neighbor Kitty Bardot.  Like me, Caro isn’t so sure she gets these paintings, but she is there to support Kitty, a publicist to the stars who is also a friend.  So when Kitty asks Caro to take her two pets home from the event because of an emergency that has come up, Caro quickly agrees.

On the way home, Caro, her boyfriend Sam, and the cats pass the scene of an accident.  It’s Kitty in the car, and she didn’t make it.  However, the accident isn’t what killed her – it was being shot with a gun.  While Caro isn’t ready to jump into another murder investigation, she finds herself drawn in.  The police have no real suspects or leads.  Can Caro figure out what happened?

This book is tons of fun.  If you haven’t figured it out already, this is a very light mystery filled with characters and events that are slightly absurd.  I’m not going to spoil anything, but we meet a new character here that was an absolute delight.  Don’t worry, everything is real enough to make us care about the outcome.  The characters are strong, too, and I feel like we are getting to know Caro and another couple of people in her regular orbit.

The plot was a tad on the weak side.  The pacing was off, but by the time we reach the end, everything makes perfect sense.  And I was having so much fun that I didn’t mind.  It does get stronger as the book goes along and we begin to find suspects and get some twists.

One thing I really enjoy in this series is the on-going feud that Caro has with her cousin (and main character in the even numbered books in the series) Mel.  It’s all over a broach.  The scenes involving that broach made me laugh out loud.  At some point, I’m sure the authors will resolve this, and I’m going to miss it when that happens.

If you have pets yourself, there are a couple of recipes for treats you can make them at the back of the book.  There are also teasers for the first two books in the series, so if you’ve missed them, they’ll get you hooked.

I read to escape, so when I find a fun series, I get hooked quickly.  I’m definitely hooked on the Pampered Pets Mysteries, and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang will show you exactly why.

Once you are hooked, you’ll want to read the rest of the Pampered Pets Mysteries in order.


  1. I think I'd scratch my head over the painting cats too though I wouldn't be surprised if it is a thing. I haven't read anything in this series but it does sound fun though this sounds like a weaker book and I adore that title!

    1. Slightly weaker, and I'm probably splitting hairs. Trust me, there is enough fun to keep you entertained here.