Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And here are this week's TV thoughts.

Once Upon a Time – Hook is back in Neverland.  Somehow, that seems poetic to me.  When it was revealed that the Black Fairy had stolen Gideon’s heart, everything fell into place for me.  Although I do still whether he would be fully against her if he had his own heart.  Was the look on his face one of acknowledgement?  Or was it just what she wanted to think and could get since she had his heart.

24: Legacy – No wife or brother in the jam packed out.  Proving once again that they were the weak storyline of the season.  Definitely introducing some wild new storylines for the last couple of episodes, but I can’t wait to see how it all ties together next week.

Dancing with the Stars - The right person went home again.  I like Mr. T, but he was clearly one of the weaker dancer.  Isn’t it amazing how everyone steps up their game in Most Memorable Year week?  The cream is definitely rising to the top, and we got a nearly perfect dance, too.

Angie Tribecca – How I have missed this show!  Not sure I’m on board for a season long serial killer storyline, but I guess I will have to be.  So many gags and so much fun, I don’t think I will care that much.

Survivor – I’m writing this a couple of hours after I watched this episode, and I’m still trying to figure out what Jeff Varner was thinking by outing Zeke as a trans man.  Seriously, what would he gain by it?  I could have told him the reaction would be exactly what it was, and he deserved the reaction he got.  What he did was despicable.  Everyone else handled it perfectly.  Zeke was a much stronger and classier person than I think I would have been.  You could tell Varner regretted it, and not because it got him voted out of the game but because it was the wrong thing to do.  A perfect example of why you think long and hard before you speak.

Designated Survivor – I knew the vote would come down that way, especially when we went to commercial in the middle of it.  And we are giving up the conspiracy storyline for political lectures on gun control?  Seriously?  Please, can we leave the real life politics out of this and get back to the fun of watching Kirkman attempted to build a government and we also learn about this conspiracy?

The Big Bang Theory – They’ve done the gold digging woman before, but by using Bert, they managed to find a new angle to the story.  Sheldon getting time outs and having to raise his hand was pretty hilarious.  And Halley going into daycare and the three adult reactions were all pretty good as well.  All in all, a fun episode.

The Great Indoors – When I heard the premise of this one, I hoped it would be good.  It was very funny.  Secrets coming to light always has great comic potential.  Yes, the best lines were in the previews, but I still laughed a few times at this episode.

Powerless – This one, on the other hand, was rather weak.  While I never find the show over the top funny, usually there are a couple of really good laughs, but this time the jokes just seemed to fall flat for me.

The Amazing Race – When there is a U-Turn, I almost always root for the team that was U-Turned to pull off the impossible and make it to the next leg.  The Boys did that with flying colors.  The other team unfortunately fell short.  And the same team won back to back legs.  I never would have guessed that of them.  Meanwhile, never lose track of your passport.  Ever.  I’m surprised Team Fun was eliminated as a result.

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  1. I just started watching Designated Survivor and got caught up. The politics, I believe, are a key part of the show. One of the plot points has been that Kirkman doesn't know what he is doing. He needs to show and prove he can lead. He needs to form coalitions for the potential conspiracy issues that are ahead. No matter what, it's a fantastic show. I'm really curious to see where we end up at season's end.