Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

You'll notice this list is shorter than it should be.  With being at Malice Domestic, I had to miss a few programs this week.  But don't worry, I'll be working hard to catch up next week.

Meanwhile, NBC pulled the final two episodes of Powerless.  I'm a little bummed.  I know the ratings were bad, and I wasn't the biggest fan of the show, but I wanted to stick with it until the end.  Two episodes short!  (On the other hand, it's one less show to catch up on next week.)

Anyway, here is what I did get watched this week.

Once Upon a Time – Zelina comes through when they need her.  What a sacrifice.  And the Blue Fairy will be back in the fight soon as well.  I knew they wouldn’t killer her off for good.  Interesting twist on Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.  And considering the wedding is in two weeks, I wonder why they decide to go through with it at that point.

Supergirl – For the first time, I actually felt like Lena Luthor was one of the good guys.  She certainly was a sympathetic character as she had to deal with her ex.  And what a swap to make him not the villain but controlled by someone.  And yet that scene at the end?  Is Lena going to swap sides now that we’ve started to truly trust her?

Dancing with the Stars – I feel so badly for Heather.  She finally gets Maks back and they get a perfect score only to be sent home.  It will be very interesting to see who goes home next.  As to the group dances – neither one really appealed to me.  However, I did find it fun to have the guys on one team and the women on the other.  I don’t remember them ever doing that before.  It fit perfectly with the night’s theme, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would since I’m not usually a boy band or girl group listener.

Angie Tribecca – A stand alone episode, and what a delightfully fun one.  I think the idea that badminton has such a following anywhere but especially LA was my favorite gag.  So funny.  So very, very funny.

The Flash – Barry going back in time could fix this future without needing to work things out with everyone in the future first.  Yet I still found so much of the episode emotionally satisfying in a way that the series hasn’t had for a while.  But that final scene?  Who is Savatar???  It’s killing me!!!!  And Caitlin/Killer Frost actually trusting him enough to work with him?  That’s just making me more curious.

Team Ninja Warrior – Round 1 was very one sided, and I was thinking it was pretty much over.  Then game round two and the complete upset.  I was in shock when that happened.  Didn’t change the outcome at the end, which isn’t really a surprise, but it was very nice to see someone win we weren’t expecting at some point.

Arrow – I’d be worry about Mad Dog getting a happy storyline this week if I didn’t know he was going to become a regular next season.  I do hope he can work things out to get custody of his daughter, although I’m not sure his life is conducive to single parenthood.  Lots of conflicts in tonight’s episode to work out next week.  And I didn’t miss the flashbacks at all.  So nice to not have them.

Survivor – I have a love/hate relationship with strong alliances.  They make the game boring for a few episodes, but I do enjoy seeing people actually sticking together.  I was thrilled to see Debbie go this week, however.  Haven’t really been able to stand her either season.  However, the moments after the reward challenge were so moving as everyone cheered on Cierre to finish the obstacles.

The Amazing Race – I always feel so sorry when a team is targeted by the rest like this.  I mean, they had no hope at all.  They seemed to put a good face on things, although I’m not sure I buy the “we were learning how to work together” thing.  I’m just left wondering why they were such a huge target.  Oh, and now I really want to visit Italy!

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  1. Angie T: I really enjoyed this one also, especially as I am not all that big a fan of those long arcs of episodes.

    Survivor: Debbie gone - hooray!