Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pin Review: Casey at the Bat - Storybook Classic Collection #12 - 2017 Disney Store Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: A rare character in two scenes
Cons: Both scenes from book not short
The Bottom Line:
Casey and ego
Parade through two scenes on pin
Both based on the book

Casey is the Final Pin in this Series

It’s summer, and that means baseball season.  And what better time for the Storybook Classic Collection to feature Casey at the Bat, right?  That’s what someone figured since they wrapped up the series with this character.

The front of this pin is mostly light blue.  Casey’s leaning on a bat and several of his fans are crowding around.  He’s obviously glowing in their praise, letting his ego grow.  The title is over the top of the picture in red, and the illustration is outlined in a dark blue.

The pin opens just like a book, and inside you’ll find a full color illustration of Casey walking up to his fateful time at bat with several bats over one shoulder.  He’s doffing his cap at the cheering crowd.  The colors in this picture are still simple, but they are great at capturing Casey in action.  This is also the pose they used for the related ornament, which wasn’t always the case in the series.

And the pin must definitely be based on the book Disney release and not the animated short.  Why do I say that?  Because neither of these pictures appeared in the short at all.  Since I didn’t grow up with the book, that bothers me a little.  I wish these pictures were from the cartoon.  But this is a storybook series, so that’s my fault.

Like the rest of this series and any of Disney’s heavier pins, this one has two posts in the back to use to attach it to your lanyard if you want to do wear it.

I do like getting these rare shorts and characters in pin form, so for that reason I’ve enjoyed the Storybook Classic Collection.  Casey at the Bat is no exception.

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