Saturday, February 10, 2018

February 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Olympics officially start today!  No, I don't count the opening and closing ceremonies.  I'm focusing on the events themselves.  But it also means that there won't be much in the Weekly TV Thoughts posts for the next couple of weeks.  Most shows are taking a hiatus, which I appreciate so I can watch as much Olympics as possible.

And once again, I'm talking about the upcoming week.  Here's what I watched this last week.

This is Us (2/4) – So my theories on how Jack died were confirmed.  No real surprises there.  However, how they told it was absolutely amazing and so powerful.  The monologues were amazing.  So beautifully written and acted, as I expected.  And yes, I even saw the laugh coming, and I still laughed.  About the only surprise was with the boy.  Who would have thought that was a glimpse into the future?

Supergirl – And we go into the break with all those things left unanswered?  Like what is Mon-El’s real mission.  How much longer until they really figure out who Reign is?  And how can we ever defeat her?  I’m surprised that Supergirl’s disagreement with Alex ended the way it did since Kara always seems to be correct when something like this comes up on the show.  After all, this is a show called Supergirl not Alex.

The Flash – There’s a certain poetic justice to using a lie to get Barry out of jail when the evidence against him was a lie in the first place.  But what is Devou up to?  Why kill those metas?  Why is he manipulating his wife?  This was definitely a different side of him.  Of course, it does take care of the problem that everyone who knew Barry was the Flash isn’t going to know that any more.

Lethal Weapon – Hard to imagine anyone other than Swoosie Kurtz as Ruth.  She was so wonderful!  Glad that Riggs is getting his drinking under control.  He had definitely hit bottom and something had to change there.  Can’t believe what they are doing with Roger, especially since he had no way of knowing the hitman was still alive and would set the cabin on fire.  Trish is definitely right that he shouldn’t be risking his life needlessly.  I wonder how they are going to resolve this.

Ellen’s Game of Games – I’m a bit surprised they ended the season with someone who didn’t win the biggest prize money.  And I’m rather surprised he didn’t win it all since he did so well earlier.  Heck, he had no strikes in his game.

This is Us (2/6) – I think I cried more at this episode than I did the one from Sunday.  Then again, watching the immediate fall out of Jack’s death will do that.  I love how they framed things with the car.  It worked so well to show us happier times vs. the heart of the episode.  And yes, I know I have complained in the past when we haven’t seen the Big Three as adults, but in this case, I was kind of expecting it, and I was okay with that.  We needed to see the immediate aftermath.  Is this what made Kevin and Randall bury the hatchet a little, or was that just an immediate emotional response?  I’ve been wondering what exactly changed in Kevin because, let’s face it, he’s the main reason there was tension between the two.

The Librarians – I may not have enjoyed the set up last week, but I really enjoyed the follow up season finale, starting with the fact that Flynn didn’t take off but was kidnapped.  Wouldn’t have been too surprised either way by Jenkins’ fate, but I was glad to see he was alive.  And now we have a tethered library again, so all is good.

The Amazing Race – Not too surprised that there wasn’t an elimination first hour.  I suspected that they wouldn’t eliminate teams during the big switch.  I’m very tired of Team Big Brother, so I was hoping the Double U Turn would be their undoing.  Sorry to see the brothers go instead.  And the reason I’m rooting against Team Big Brother?  She had a chip on her shoulder about the U Turn longer than anyone else, and they’d U Turned someone before.  I get that it’s not going to make you happy, but Yale has it right, it is a part of the game, and you have to accept it and move on.

Arrow – I guess that answers my question of how we will deal with our big bad after he’s threatened the city with a bomb.  As soon as he was arrested, I figured out something else had to be going on.  I’m interested to see how they will play the rest of it.  I hope we have a few episodes of general unrest before they realize there is someone behind the scenes manipulating things.  And can we get everyone back on the same team again, please?

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