Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4th's Book Beginning and Friday 56

It's Friday, so it must be time for Book Beginning and Friday 56.

This week's book is Hair of the Dog by Carlene O'Neil.

This is the newest in her Cypress Cove mystery series.  I actually finished it last week, but I will be reviewing it this coming Thursday.  I hope you'll come back for that, but in the mean time, here's how the book begins:

My cousin Annie is a terrific veterinarian, so two deaths at her clinic was both tragic and unusual.  Of course, that wasn't the worst of it.  The real problem was that both casualties were human.

Skipping ahead to page 56, we find:

"I supposed Lucas won't approve, since I'm his best suspect," Annie said.
"That's easy enough to solve.  We won't mention it to him."

I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. Looks like good fun. I'm reading The Square and the Tower by Niall Ferguson.

  2. I love the title and the snippets are fun.

  3. I haven't read this one. I'll have to check it out! I'd love for you and your readers to check out mine!

  4. Great snippets. Looks like there is another cozy series to add to my wishlist. This week I have a cozy mystery - Flowers and Foul Play by Amanda Flower. Happy reading!

  5. Great title. My favorite Deep Purple song too... LOL. Sounds like a fun read! Happy weekend!

  6. Oh I haven't read any of this series! I love the teasers and this sounds like a fun cozy!