Saturday, September 15, 2018

September 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Once again, I wasn't able to watch TKO on Friday, so I will have to include it next week.  But here's what I did watch this week.

American Ninja Warrior – They have made this so hard these days.  Of course, it’s not that unusual for only a few people to make it to stage 3, so maybe it’s not quite as hard as I was thinking it was.  Of course, I knew not that many people would make it when we were doing all three of the final stages in one night.  Congrats to Drew.  Not surprised he made it, especially once Joe went out.

Castaways (9/11) – Three more gone, or at least we found out about three more gone for sure this episode.  I wasn’t surprised the lady with the injured leg left.  As hard as it was, she certainly did the right thing.  Tim really surprised me at the end.  At this rate, will there be anyone left when it comes time to rescue?  And yes, the group of three guys is still driving me up a wall.

Suits – Definitely building for next week’s summer finale.  It is going to be explosive.  I was surprised they brought the prison case back, and I think I’m even more surprised about how it ended this week.  I suspect it will play into next week’s finale in some way.  Meanwhile, I’m very sorry with Katrina’s storyline.  I truly hope that Brian and his marriage isn’t harmed when everything shakes out.

Castaways (9/12) – So is she out or not?  It was sounding like the singer was ready to pack it in, not that I blame her, but I felt like they left us hanging.  My guess is she left.  Meanwhile, why the guy would go back to the other two who have no interest in helping him?  And those two are acting like they would be upset if he doesn’t come back.  My hat is really off to the woman who is all by herself.  I don’t think I could survive alone as long as she has.

Take Two – Seriously?  They are going to leave us with a cliffhanger after getting the two of them together?  And what is going to happen with the movie?  It really seems like they only need one more episode because how can Deacan not get sent to prison after framing Eddie.  I wouldn’t mind if I felt the show had any hope of coming back to tell us what happened next, but I’m afraid we will be left with this horrible cliffhanger until the end of time.


  1. Take Two is the only one of these I watch, & I agree with you that they shouldn't leave us hanging.
    Have you watched Carter, with Jerry O'Connell? It's on WGN , an import from Canada. Same premise as Take Two, just reversal of sexes. I think it's much better too. More tongue in cheek.

    1. I don't think I've even heard of that show. I'll have to see if I can track it down.