Saturday, September 1, 2018

September 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

One show short.  I've got family in town, so I missed Friday's TKO.  But here's the rest of what I watched this week.

American Ninja Warrior – I can’t believe all the people who went out tonight.  Yes, the odds are that the majority don’t make it through, but some of the names, especially Joe.  I would have bet good money that he’d go the furthest again this season.  Brett is inconsistent, but coming so close to the buzzer has to be frustrating.  And Brian Arnold has got to be offended that yet again they chose his run to air during a commercial break.

Castaways – Another one left, but this time I understand a bit more since she was starting to get sick.  You don’t want to risk permanent health issues over a show like this.  I feel sorry for the woman she left behind.  And I can understand the hesitation about adding people to your group.  It can change the dynamic.  And with limited resources, it is hard to provide for everyone.  But you really do need a partner out there if you hope to survive, and almost everyone seems to be realizing that.

Suits – Louis was actually mature at the end?  Stop the presses.  And when is he going to realize his therapist isn’t going to order people to do certain things.  It was nice to get another side to the landlord.  I’m with Harvey, however.  Why didn’t he want people to know he can be a nice guy?

Take Two – We got a double dose of the show this week to make up for missing it last week.  I enjoyed both episodes, although the character arcs in the second one were very predictable.  I had no clue what was going on with the aliens in the first one.

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