Saturday, September 8, 2018

September 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Time for some TV thoughts!

TKO (8/31) – My money was on the woman from the Army.  I thought she’d do better than that.  Not that I would have done as well as she did.  I’d be in last place if I tried that show.

American Ninja Warrior – I’ve been wondering why they weren’t talking about Jessie Graff last week and this week.  She’s my favorite of the females, so glad to find out she isn’t competing because of her new movie.  Can’t wait to see it!  I felt so bad for the guy who got hurt and just missed the buzzer.  We got to see the outcome of the beard bet.  Those last two runs were so impressive.  Can’t believe that 30 people finished.  It didn’t seem like that many to me, but maybe that is because so many of the names I expected to still be around are gone already.

Castaway – They are about to do two hours a week of the show as my interest in waning.  I think they need to just cut the episodes in half and bring it to a close.  WE’ll see if I make it until the end or bail myself.

Suits – Both Samantha and Alex had to give up clients this week.  Still dead even in the race for next named partner.  I’m very curious how they will work this one out, although I am rooting for Alex.  So glad that Gretchen is still around.  I really like her character.  Yes, she’s another Donna, but still, I like her.

Take Two – I’m surprised but I’m not at the ending of the episode.  I had a feeling they weren’t going to drag out the will they/won’t they for a long time.  And, since I’m sure we won’t get any more episodes beyond next week’s finale, I’m glad about that.  I’m sure these episodes were written and filmed a while ago, so they couldn’t have known for sure yet what the ratings were going to be, which is why I am a little surprised.  I just hope they don’t leave us with a major cliffhanger.

TKO – I was rooting for Mark, obviously.  And I thought he had an impressive time.  He would have been at least in the top 3 some weeks, but everyone was amazing tonight.  Certainly can’t argue with Brandon’s results and his perfect run.  It will be interesting to see if he duplicates it when they have the battle of the champions at the end of the season.

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