Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 8th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Take out two shows, and there is nothing to hide my Arrowverse addiction is there.  First four shows out there for all to see.

Supergirl – Clearly that is not the end of either of those character’s stories for the season.  The wife will obviously pick up the mantel of the anti-alien campaign.  And President Baker is turning out to be bad, just like I feared.  He’s not evil…yet…but he’s clearly not good.

Arrow – So Oliver is going to be working with the police now.  I didn’t see that coming, but I should have.  The Mayor is going to be a problem, but I think I’m going to like that.  But I’m worried about Oliver and Felicity.  I hope they work out something soon.  I think I’d be more into this season if it weren’t for the flash forwards.  Again, it makes me wonder what the point is of what we are watching now.  And I’m really worried for Oliver and Felicity.  They’d better not break up again.

Legends of Tomorrow – I was not expecting that cliffhanger.  Very interesting way to end things.  And it looks like next week is going to be a ton of fun!  Already can’t wait.  I feel sorry for Constantine now that we’ve gotten a bit of his recent backstory.  (And no, I never watched the show he starred in, I only know him from the shows currently airing.)

The Flash – A traitor inside team Flash.  What a shocking twist!  Okay, so I was a bit surprised, but they’ve played that card a time or three already.  I’m curious where they will go with it once they come back in the new year.  Overall, it was a fun 100th with a number of great stops at key moments.  Very nice nod to history of the show.

Survivor – Good thing Christian played his idol.  I’m surprised it was Gabby who wound up leaving, as she was obviously, since she apologized to Allison before her name came up.  Ironically, Christian was the only one who voted for Allison.  And yes, I’m still rooting for Christian.

Big Bang Theory – The was a sweet episode.  Oh, Howard’s storyline was pretty funny, but I liked the tape and how that all played out.  Even though I don’t watch Young Sheldon any more, I still enjoyed the cross over via the video tape.  But the burning question is, will we see that shower curtain again?

The Good Place – D’Arcy Carden was amazing!  Those were pretty good impressions of the rest of the cast, and it was pretty funny watching her do everything.  How hard of an episode must that have been for her.  And, I’m sure, a lot of fun.  But she was in every scene, sometimes multiple times.  Oh, yeah, story.  Something is definitely wrong with the points system.  And what will we find now that we are in the real good place.  I can’t wait to find out.

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  1. I like movies/shows with an evil president/high-ranking person.