Saturday, March 16, 2019

March 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on TV for the week.

Supergirl – I feel like so many people are going to the dark side right now.  J’Onn being one of them.  Lena is definitely heading that way as well.  It’s not helping me enjoy a season I’m already struggling to watch.  And who shot James?

God Friended Me – I wasn’t surprised about how the date went.  And I suspected something like that kiss at the end would happen as well.  But I was surprised about the main plot.  I figured that the dad would turn over the restaurant to his daughter, not sell the family restaurant.  And Miles’ dad is getting a promotion, too.

Arrow – I just can’t enjoy the modern storyline knowing how badly the future is going to go.  And I’m struggling with the fact that the actors playing the older kids look to be too close in age to be the right ages for William and Mia.  I did like the final take down of the bad guy and how it all turned out.

The Flash – It was obvious something wasn’t going to go as planned.  I mean, this isn’t the season finale.  I didn’t know what until the second Cicada showed up.  I totally called who that was, too.  But now what?  What does this mean?  And how is Nora’s time travel and alliance in the future play into any of this?  That’s what is bothering me the most right now.

This Is Us – Even though I expected the baby to be okay (at least for now), I figured the episode would be intense.  I loved Miguel so much in this episode.  Trying to distract them with the game (which was definitely funny – loved the ending of that), having Toby’s parent’s information.  And they did a good job of addressing everyone’s issues, or at least bringing them to the front.  I was surprised that Kevin is still drinking.  I wonder what Zoe is going to do about that.

Survivor – Come on!  Get Wendy out!  I’m disappointed that the team swap saved her.  And the same team lost again.  They just can’t pull it together at all.  Yet again they didn’t vote off the weakest player.  Sorry, but I don’t care if you are a soccer player, if you aren’t eating you are a liability to your tribe in challenges.

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