Saturday, March 23, 2019

March 23rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Things are looking a bit light the next couple of weeks as several shows go on hiatus before they ramp up for their final run of episodes.  But here's what I have for this week.

Supergirl – Very interesting to meet Lex.  I’m thinking my predictions of Lena turning to the dark side have been diminished now that she’s had a run in with him again.  Definitely don’t think she’s going there by the end of the season.  I wasn’t aware that James had a sister, but it was fun to meet her.  My favorite part was Lex controlling the guns to the music as he escaped, however.  And now that Manchester is dead, how will that play into the hate storylines?

God Friended Me – I knew the first job was too easy.  I’m glad they at least addressed Miles’ dad’s job promotion and his family issues.  Not surprised at how that progressed, but it was still good to see it at least addressed.  And can we all agree that Simon is not behind the God account?

Arrow – So, if I’ve been complaining about the flashforwards all season, you can pretty much bet how I felt about this episode.  It didn’t change my mind one bit about the future storyline since it seems like the present storyline is irrelevant.  Here’s hoping they can change my mind by the end of the season, but I doubt it.

The Flash – I’m glad Nora’s secret it out.  I hope we get some answers as to what is really going on with her when we come back.  (In a month?  Seriously?)  Anyway, Grace is a worse Cicada to be facing.  Defeating her uncle would have been tough enough.  I knew she’d kill her uncle before the episode was over.  Although he sure seemed to change fast from evil to nice.  I wonder if the dark matter had anything to do with that.

This Is Us – What is it with characters on shows not wanting to have kids right now.  Seems to be popping up on several of my shows in the last couple of years.  Not surprised that Kevin chose Zoe.  I’m dreading next week with Randall and Beth’s fight.  I can’t wait for that storyline to be over.  And I completely get where Toby was coming from, although that final scene with him holding his son was so perfect.

Survivor – I hadn’t noticed we had two episodes back to back until the first one didn’t end.  They finally voted out one of the returning players.  Since they’ve been talking about that all along, it was interesting to see it finally happen.  That was quite a twist in the second hour with two tribes going to vote one person out.  And they finally showed up more than two minutes of the edge of extinction people.  I’m very curious to see what happens with them next week.

The Orville – Kind of saw both storylines coming, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them.  I actually felt sorry for Gordan.  Okay, so I like the character, but he wasn’t a goofball.  And what a voice he has!  Those two need to produce a few songs together.  I’d buy them.  The smoking sub-plot was supposed to be funny, but with my on going issues with neighbors smoking, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I was supposed to.  And how fun to see Voyager’s Tim Russ show up near the beginning.

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