Saturday, June 22, 2019

June 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week, and some more TV thoughts, including two new game shows.  I thought I wasn't going to watch much this summer, but the game shows on ABC are pulling me in.

American Ninja Warrior – Like last week, I don’t think anyone is surprised about how won the fast pass.  My money would have been on Daniel Gill if I were a betting man.  Not that he doesn’t deserve it and didn’t earn it.  The ladies were on fire tonight.  The coconut climbing obstacle looked hard in a different way than I was expecting, but maybe it’s the fact that I can’t climb that made my expectations different than where people actually had problems.

Blood & Treasure – I have tried, but I can’t seem to make myself care about this show.  I think I was expecting something sleeker with more quips.  I think this could have been a great movie, maybe a mini-series, but I’m ready for things to be wrapped up.  I know I keep saying this, but we will see how I am feeling next week.  I may give up the show.

The Amazing Race – I know I said I was okay with any of the teams winning, and I am, but I was rooting for Team Fun.  They’ve obviously grown on me since we first met them because in that season I found them annoying.  But when they referenced this being the leg they went out on during their first season, I knew they were doomed.  I was hoping it was the Afganimals after their brag about being the best team.  They really need to come down a peg or 10 after that comment.  I mean, they are middle of the pack at best and have been for a while, so they are clearly not the best.

Holey Moley – I couldn’t resist this mini golf obstacle course series.  I just wish we got to see all of the holes because some of what we skipped looked rather fun.  The commentators are going to get old in a hurry, however.  (And no, I probably won’t be commenting on this one each week.

Spin the Wheel – The giant wheel concept is fun, but I don’t think I will be watching this one unless I’m home and bored.  It just doesn’t have enough pull to get me to watch it each week.

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