Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here we go, weekly TV thoughts for this week.

Blood & Treasure – I may be picking up on who all the players are finally.  If only I’d been paying attention from the beginning.  And yes, I even laughed a couple of times.  I still think this is too ambitious a show, at least for me, but I’ll keep watching for now.  I just hope they have a plan to wrap things up by the end of this season so we aren’t left hanging.

The Amazing Race – I’m sorry to see Chris and Brett go.  On the other hand, I’m surprised they made it this far.  They always seemed slow to me.  And wow, that challenge they tried for so long was much harder than I thought it would be.  That’s the one I would have gone for, too.  I can see the frustration with the lines at the airport, but I can see myself on both sides of that debate.  Honestly, I think I’d be okay with any of the teams winning at this point.  I’m rooting for Team Fun, but none of the ones left really annoy me.

Press Your Luck – I’ve loved watching reruns of this show over the years, and the new one is absolutely fun.  I love the bonus round at the end.  Yes, it would be fun to do two rounds with two sets of contestants each week, but the bonus round is nice, too.  I won’t comment on the show each week, but I will definitely be watching.

Card Sharks – Again, I won’t be commenting on this every week, but I will keep watching.  The show could turn the enthusiasm down a notch and still be fine, but this is a game show I enjoy watching in reruns, so I will definitely keep watching.  Couldn’t believe that the cards went in this episode.  Three A’s?  And the first guy going on such a long run.  Wow!

Abby’s – And that was last call at Abby’s.  Imdb says there were supposed to be 13 episodes, but they have no information on the final 3, so I’m guessing that only 10 were produced.  That sure felt like a good finale for the characters will Bill getting fully accepted into the bar.  Overall, just an average episode.  I’m not going to miss the show, but I am glad I stuck it out, if that makes any sense.

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