Tuesday, June 11, 2019

TV Show Review: Timeless - Series Finale

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Wraps up a creative, fun show well
Cons: A few things a bit rushed to wrap everything up well
The Bottom Line:
Last trips back in time
Released to wrap up Timeless
Bit rushed, but still good

“’Tis the Season – To Finish What We Started.”

I approach most book and TV series with two minds.  Quite obviously, I am a fan, and I want to spend time with characters I love and their adventures for a long time to come.  My day job is as an accountant, so I get that, if something isn’t making money, it isn’t going to continue on for a long time.  That’s why I respect what NBC did so much.  While they couldn’t justify ordering a third season of Timeless due to the low ratings, they did greenlight a two hour movie to wrap up the story.  Considering the cliffhanger that season two had left us with, that was a huge reward to the show’s loyal fans.

As you’d expect, the movie picks up moments after the season two finale.  Future Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) have just shown up and announced that there is a way to save Rufus (Malcolm Barrett), who had just died on the team’s last mission back in time.  Naturally, this involves another trip back in time, this time to the California gold rush with Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) along for the ride.  Will they be able to change just enough history to save Rufus?  Or will Rittenhouse be waiting for them to stop them once and for all?

Yes, I’m giving just the very basics of a tease here because if you are a fan, you’ll definitely want to watch how this unfolds.

This two hour movie aired in December, so they worked Christmas into the episode, both the present and the past.  I definitely liked how they did it, especially one of the past stories they chose to use.  Yes, we do go back to a couple of different times as the story unfolds in an effort to save Rufus and finally take down Rittenhouse.

The writers had a monumental task with this movie.  They had two hours to wrap up two years’ worth of story.  My hat is off to them – they managed to do it.  They closed up all the loops the show had opened, touching on just about everything I felt needed to be mentioned.  And they still had to tell us an entertaining story with action taking place in the past.  I did feel like some of the things that happened were too easy or happened too quickly, so it left me a little unsatisfied.  But I also realize I’m being very nitpicky here.  They had two hours, essentially two episodes, to wrap everything up.  If they had been given more time, they could have easily wrapped it up in a more satisfying manner.  So, knowing where they were coming from and appreciating NBC’s willingness to give us this much, I will accept what we get here.

All the actors came back to wrap things up, and they poured their heart and soul into this.  They were fantastic, which is no surprise.  The acting on this show has always been a strong point.

Likewise, the production values, from historical costumes to modern special effects, are also still outstanding.

A quick word about this release.  While it is being put out on DVD and counted as a season two finale, it is not part of the season 2 set, which was released before this movie came out.  So if you have season two, you will need to buy this separately.  And if you haven’t bought any of the series yet, you’ll still need to buy it separately.

While this ending may have some flaws, I am still satisfied with the Timeless series finale, especially considering how close we came to never even getting it.  Fans will be happy to get closure on this creative, fun, and addicting show.  And if you haven’t discovered just how wonderful the show was, you can pick up the DVD sets without worry that you will be left hanging.

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