Sunday, September 8, 2019

Music Review: Order by Jason Gray

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: 5 songs for the calm parts of life
Cons: It is only an EP
The Bottom Line:
New Jason music
Looking at life in order
Five songs, so it’s short

The Orderly First Part of a New Release from Jason Gray

Jason Gray has an interesting new idea he’ll be trying out over the next year.  Instead of releasing one disc full of new music, he is releasing three EP’s, each on a different part of a theme.  The idea being that we will have time to meditate on each group of songs for a few months before we get the next batch of songs.  Order is the first of these three EP’s.

The idea behind this cycle of songs is actually articulated in the last song on the disc, “Order Disorder Reorder.”  The idea being that God takes us through cycles in our lives.  Order represents the times when things are going well.  It is easy to praise God in this part of the cycle, but we tend to stop growing.  Disorder is when life gets rough, losing a job or a health crisis would be two common examples, and we cling to God as our faith grows.  Finally comes Reorder, as God brings us into another time of peace.  The song itself?  It’s is upbeat and fun while it explores these ideas.

Honestly, all five of the songs on this disc are upbeat and fun.  The music is Jason at his soft rock best.  The songs are mostly mid-tempo and sound like classic Jason Gray.

“Maker of Mornings (I Am Loved)” and “The Wonder” focuses on the joy we feel at this part of the journey as we relish in feeling safe in God’s hand and praise Him for all the good things He has given us.  “Becoming” hints at the times to come while also looking back at how far we have come in our journey to be like Jesus.  Finally, “I’m Gonna Let It Go” is a song about giving our problems over to God, something that seems easy to do in the good times.

My only issue with this disc is the fact that it is an EP.  I don’t tend to stick those in my car nearly as often as I do full length CD’s.  Yet that is the nature of this disc, right?  Still, I am enjoying these five songs and I’m very curious how Jason will explore the rest of the cycle.  Knowing him and his song writing abilities, there are some great songs ahead.

Not that these songs aren’t great on their own.  Each song has its own truth to share and for us to meditate on.  There are so good reminders no matter which part of the cycle you are currently in.

Honestly, any new music from Jason Gray is an auto buy for me.  I’ve come to appreciate his insights into the Christian life and his way of expressing them.  I’m enjoying Order, but I’m also anxious to see what comes next.

CD Length: 17:29
1. Becoming
2. Maker of Mornings (I Am Loved)
3. The Wonder
4. I’m Gonna Let It Go
5. Order Disorder Reorder

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