Monday, November 18, 2019

Disney Pin Review: Simba - Disney Wisdom Collection #11

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Three great pins and a great quote
Cons: All cons left in the past
The Bottom Line:
Learning from the past
With this fun Disney pin set
Features Lion King

Learn From the Past and Get this Pin Set

I’m having a hard time processing the fact that the year is winding down.  Yet my pennant of pins from the Disney Wisdom Collection is almost full, so we must be close to the end of the year.  This month, we’ve got a set inspired by Rafiki in The Lion King.  It’s a serious quote, and a good reminder.

The quote is “The past can hurt.  But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”  This quote comes late in the movie after Nala has found Simba hiding out beyond the pride lands, afraid to go back because of what he thinks he did.  It certainly fits Simba’s story in the movie, but it applies to so much of life.  I would add that yes, we need to grieve when bad things happen, but we can’t live in the past or dwell in the past.  But must learn from it and move forward, which is the healthy way of dealing with the past, both good and bad.  Not that it is always easy.  And this isn’t meant to be flippant or heartless in the middle of a tragedy.  As I said, you need time to grieve.

Okay, enough with the pop psychology from the accountant, right?

As usual, this set includes three pins.  The color of the month is a lion yellow.  The quote has some words emphasized in a burnt orange to help them stand out.  The other two pins are characters.  One of them is Simba.  In fact, he’s the featured character of the month, which explains why the pins are in lion yellow.  I’m doubly surprised at the other character.  I figured Rafiki would be the obvious choice, but instead we get Pumba.  We don’t get a lot of pins from this movie, and I would have been fine with either character, but since this is Rafiki’s quote, I expected to see him.  My other surprise?  I thought they might slip Timon into the pin set as well.  He could have been riding on Pumba’s back.  Yes, we only get two characters in the usual pin sets for this series, so this second one isn’t as big a surprise.

Since Rafiki isn’t included in the set, that gives us a total of 3.5 out of 11 entries in the series where the speaker has been one of the characters included in the pin set.

The characters look nice on the pins.  The accent color for them is brown.  Since yellow and brown are the natural colors for Simba and Pumba, these look the least stylized of any of the pin sets we’ve received so far.

So this pin set looks great.  If you’ve been collecting the Disney Wisdom Collection, you’ll love it.  Your future self will thank your past self for buying it.

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