Saturday, November 16, 2019

November 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

When two of your shows take the week off, it makes your TV watching much easier.  And this was the last week for American Horror Story for me forever, too, which will help going forward.

Batwoman – The more I watch, the darker this show becomes.  That’s what I expected, but I’m thinking I’m going to drop the show after the crossover event unless something big happens to hook me.

Supergirl – Another episode designed to give the leads time to work on the crossover.  Still, that was background we desperately needed on the understand what is going on between Lena and Andrea.  I’m very curious where they are going to go with her character now.

God Friended Me – They got me with this one.  I didn’t have any of the twists with the main story figured out.  Or the twist with the painting.  I still can’t figure out where they are going with the God Account storyline at all.  I’m sure we won’t get there until the series finale.  I just hope they have enough advanced notice to do it right.  Anyway, it was a bit more somber, but very good overall.

Dancing with the Stars – I honestly can’t believe that Shawn is gone.  I’m not surprised the judges didn’t save him; I knew all along the instant he was in the bottom two he would go.  And, as you know from what I’ve been saying, I believe he should have gone several weeks ago, so I’m not upset in the slightest.  The rest had some good dances.  The competition for the final two weeks is going to be very tight.

This is Us – Please don’t tell me that they are going to give Rebecca Alzheimer’s or dementia or something like that.  I don’t know if I can watch that play out.  Yes, I know it happens, but I don’t need to watch that on TV.  In other news, I liked Kevin’s storyline for the episode.  It was killing Kate to not tell Toby what was really going on, but I’m glad she didn’t.  And the story in the flashback was so touching.  Deja’s mom will be an interesting addition to things next week.  I expect fireworks, but that will really set some things off, I’m sure.

Survivor – Once again this season, I missed we were getting two episodes until I sat down to watch.  As soon as they made a big deal about Kellee finding two idols, I knew she was the one to go in the first hour.  Would have been nice to surprise me a little.  And what is up with the Dan storyline.  Seriously?  Do they need to have every social issue part of this season?  At least it made it easier to get through the episode faster.  And that was tricky having the note be the trap.

American Horror Story: 1984 – That was an interesting finale.  I was right when the season started about Brook being the final girl, but I’m glad she had some company.  Way too much disgusting stuff in this episode.  I definitely will not be back for any more seasons or going back to see what I missed.

The Good Place – I think I like where this show is ultimately going.  And, while I may not agree with their theology of the afterlife, I certainly agree that everyone can change.  God can change everyone at any point in their lives.  That’s the Gospel in a nutshell.  Not, if we can figure out a way to not kill humanity, that would be great, Chidi.

Carol’s Second Act – Pretty predictable main storyline.  Not saying I didn’t enjoy most of it, but you could write it from the start.  Then again, most sitcoms aren’t terribly original in their plotting.


  1. I watched an episode of American Horror Story for the first time last night on Netflix, season 1, episode 1. I found it to be more on the disgusting side than the horror side even then. As it was my first exposure to the series, I intended to continue on with the season. See your reaction to the latest season doesn't give me a lot of hope that I won't have the same reaction I had to the first episode. May be time just to bail out.

    1. Sounds like it is time for both of us to bail. I thought this might be something that did for this season since it is themed around slasher movies, but obviously it's been this disgusting all along.