Saturday, November 2, 2019

November 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

God Friended Me – I was a step ahead of the show this week in just about every storyline.  Not that I’m complaining because I still enjoyed it.  It was nice to see Jia again.  I love her character, although this storyline of dating in secret is going to be a disaster.  But will Miles’s dad take on the job as Bishop?

Batwoman – Is that the first real villain of the week story we’ve had?  It just goes to prove how scared I am that Alice, the best part of the show, will be gone by the end of the season – most likely by the crossover.  I am loving how over the top and villains are.  They are the best part.  And at least we now know how Alice’s death was faked all those years ago.

Supergirl – I thought James was sticking around through the crossover, but obviously I was wrong.  Anyone else feel like that was a backdoor pilot?  It’s not, but it felt like it.  Lena is gone.  It’s a shame, but she is now a Luthor for sure.  Rojas is a villain?  I wasn’t expecting that.

Dancing with the Stars – It’s time for Shawn Spicer to go.  But he’s going to wind up winning.  It will be even worse than last year because of the politics involved.  Keep in mind I’m as conservative as they come, and I feel this way, but he needs to go.  And the fact that the only person who defended him being on the show this season is now gone while he is still there is ironic.

The Flash – They are playing up Barry’s impending death for all it is worth.  Mind you, I get it, and these character’s reactions are perfect.  But we know he won’t actually die.  Anyone else getting Jekyll and Hyde vibes from our villain of the season?  And I knew our new Wells was up to something (when isn’t Wells?), but I wasn’t expecting it to be related to the Crisis.

Arrow – So glad we got to see Thea again.  I’ve really missed her.  And the set up for next week is definitely interesting.  The rest of the episode?  Forgettable as ever.

This is Us – Fairly predictable episode.  And so many stories going on, it was hard to get invested in any of them.  Maybe that was also because I suspected where most of them were going.  But adult Randall as a hustler?  Definitely a new aspect to his character.

Survivor – I’m glad Aaron didn’t flip.  I thought with the way Jeff was reading the votes he hadn’t, but it was great to have that confirmed.  I can’t believe how the four who lost the vote behaved however – like they deserved to win.  Sorry, but that’s not how the game works.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out next week.  Oh, and Sandra during tribal was hilarious!  Loved her reactions to things.

American Horror Story: 1984 – It was a camp, of course it had to have a Friday the 13th back story.  I’m not completely sure we needed it, although I’m sure that will be the key to understanding how we end things.  The hitchhiker was just there to slow things down, however.  I liked how they dealt with him, however.

The Good Place – A time jump.  It makes sense they would put one in since they need to move the story forward at some point.  Overall, it was an okay episode, but that point about being a little better every day was a very good one.  Also, I hope we don’t see Bad Janet for a bit.  I much prefer Good Janet.

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