Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Fall finales started airing last week.  I guess only two of my shows were affected by that, but several did take the week off due to Thanksgiving.  And thanks to the holiday, I'll have a double dose of Survivor next week.

God Friended Me – I’ve been thinking for a while that eventually they would have an episode without a happy ending.  I guess this was it.  What I find really interesting is that it involved one of the main cast’s family, although that isn’t surprising since it means something.  I feel sorry for Miles.  He did the right thing, and he thought it would help because he hadn’t been told the truth.  I still think this is the best that Cara’s step-dad would have hoped for since he did break the law.  Not as impressed with Arthur’s storyline, although that’s probably because I’ve said much the same things as the priest he was having conflicts with has said.

Dancing with the Stars – With as often has Ally has been saved by the judges, I was kind of rooting against her, but I would have been okay with any of them winning.  Those dances were all fun to watch.  Congrats to Hannah.

The Flash – That was…interesting.  Episodes in the mind can work, but that one really didn’t for me.  Did not see the ending/cliffhanger coming.  How will they defeat everything next week to be ready for crisis in two weeks?

Arrow – Two mind twisting episodes in a row.  This one wasn’t much better.  Still not sure I’m in the camp that believes the Monitor is good either. Guess we will be finding out in two weeks.

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