Friday, January 31, 2020

Disney Pin Review: King Arthur's Carousel - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun crest for a classic attraction
Cons: None
The Bottom Line:
The carousel’s crest
Looks great; motto sounds good, too
With color inside

Crest for a Carousel

I’ve always had a fascination with old time crests.  I’m not sure why since I really could care less what they mean, but I enjoy looking at them.  So when I learned last year that Disney was releasing a limited edition pin of the month series called Crests of the Kingdom, I had to get them.  Each crest features a different crest inspired by a Disneyland attraction.  Today, I’m looking at the pin for King Arthur’s Carousel.

Each pin in this series is hinged.  The front is the crest, and it is three-dimensional metal.  The color is uniformly gray, but the front is raised, so it is easy to see the crest they’ve created.  Since this pin is for King Arthur’s Carousel, the crest has a horse on it – a carousel horse with the bars coming out of the top and bottom.  There are royal looking flourishes around the edges and a small castle in the background.  Across the horse are the words of the crest is faux Latin “Fantasia Equorum.”

As I mentioned, the pin is hinged, and when you flip up the crest, you’ll find a full color picture featuring various Disney characters.  This one feature Mickey and Minnie as they ride the carousel.  It’s fun.

But the main reason I love these pins are these crests.  Obviously, the words on it are fake, but they are good sounding fakes.  And when you couple that with the classy looking for the rest of the crest, it looks wonderful.  There is a lot of relief to the pin, so it really does look great.

At this point, the pins are only available from resellers, but if you enjoy crests and King Arthur’s Carousel, you’ll enjoy adding this pin to your collection.

February Update: I have since realized they used real Latin on these crests.  This particular one translates to "Fantasy horse."

If you'd like to see pictures, I posted them on Instragram.

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