Saturday, January 11, 2020

January 11ths Weekly TV Thoughts

TV shows are slowly coming back now that we are in 2020.  More will be showing up this week, including the final two episodes of the crossover!  But again, I'm looking ahead when I should be focusing on what I did watch this week.

God Friended Me – I knew it was coming.  It was no surprise at all.  And yet I was still tearing up at the end of the episode.  Such a good episode, so uplifting.  I’m surprised that Cara went back to Miles so quickly.  I figured they’d milk that for another few episodes.  I’m wondering what is up with Ali.  It can’t be good at all.  I was happy with how much of a team player Joy was.  I really liked her character this time around.  And I’m sure we aren’t going to get any answers any time soon about the God account.  This is a dead end.

Jeopardy: Greatest of All Time – I’ve been watching this all week.  I’m rooting for Ken since he’s the only one I remember watching.  Honestly, I don’t watch that much Jeopardy, so it isn’t that surprising.  Anyway, I’m really enjoying it.  I am rooting for Brad to win a game before Ken wins, however.  James is fast.

The Good Place – They were so close!  When they admitted a couple of weeks ago that humans will never be good enough on their own, they were so close to good theology.  Not that I expected them to get it right.  This compromise sounds interesting, and I wonder where they will take it.  Meanwhile, I loved Disco Janet.  Such a fun Janet.  And Shawn has grown on me.  He gets some of the best bits.  And I’m with Eleanor – I want to hear that story as well.

Carol’s Second Act – For a while, I thought this episode might be going well.  We were finally going to get that date, but it crashed and burned in a way I didn’t expect.  And I was enjoying the storyline with the patient, but it lost its way in the middle.  (Pun not intended, but I’ll take it.)  Still, it turned out to be okay in the end.  I keep waiting for the show to really do something truly classic and funny, but I guess that just isn’t going to happen.

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