Sunday, March 15, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Mad Tea Party - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great combination of crests and the Mad Tea Party
Cons: Cons?  Do you think I’m mad?
The Bottom Line:
This Tea Party crest
Captures the attraction well
Inside scene looks great

Enjoy a Crest with Your Mad Tea

While the Crests of the Kingdom pin series was released at Disneyland, many of the attractions they chose to include are in multiple parks.  A case in point is the pin I’m looking at this month – the Mad Tea Party.

The pins in this series are hinged.  The front part is in pewter, and is therefore a gray color.  However, it is raised, so the crest stands out.  Not surprising, this one features three of the tea cups – one in front with two behind it.  Farther in the background, we’ve got bits of the leaves and the lights from the Mad Tea Party scene of Alice in Wonderland.  These are also used in the theming of the attraction at Disneyland.  The crest includes a Latin phrase.  This time it is “Cito Circumcirca,” which translates to “set in motion all about.”

The hinge for the pin is on top, and when you flip it open, you’ll find a full color scene inside.  No surprise, this one features Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit in one of the cups enjoying a spin.  Well, the White Rabbit seems a bit unsure about things, but the other two are definitely enjoying themselves.

This pin is great.  While I don’t always go on the ride, I always enjoy it when I do.  They’ve captured the details of it in both parts of this pin well, and I really enjoy.  The Latin phrase is a little rough if you take it literally, but it captures the spirit of the ride even if you don’t try to translate it.

Since this really is two pins, one of them pewter, it is definitely heavier than the average Disney pin.  I’m not sure I’d wear it in the parks, but they do give you two sticks in the back to help hold it on to whatever you hang it on.

The pins in this series are fun.  They capture the fun of the rides with the old crests well.  Any fan of the Mad Tea Party will enjoy this pin, no matter which park they know best

If you'd like to see the pin, check out my pictures on Instagram.

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