Saturday, March 28, 2020

March 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

A short week of TV watching, but here's what I did watch.

Batwoman – The more Alice the better, so I was thrilled with this episode.  Yes, dark and heavy, but still, it was great.  But what’s going on with Luke?  Nice to see him get more screen time, but how are they going to fit this storyline in with everything going on with Alice?  It seems pretty late in the season to introduce something new like this.  Yes, there were hints before, but nothing about it becoming such a major focus of things.

Supergirl – This season is definitely taking an interesting turn.  I didn’t like that we had people trapped in AR two episodes in a row, but I’m trying to figure out who or what the bad guy is going to be by the end of the season.  We have a couple of different ways things could go.

Survivor – I can’t believe Sandra completely walked away.  Yes, I understand her reasoning, but I’m still surprised.  I hope they get back in the game soon because I was rooting for most of the old school players.  With Yule gone, it’s all the more recent winners.

LegoMasters – Given the superhero/villain options, I was actually impressed with what the teams came up with for the battles.  I would see those films for sure.  I liked getting to see two teams working together, too.  I agree with the judges, and I am surprised that Aaron and Christian left.  They started out so strong I was expecting them to make the finals.

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